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Younger People Are Open To Buying Chinese EVs Despite Privacy Concerns

Key Takeaways

  • A study found 76% of Americans under 40 are open to buying Chinese EVs.
  • No matter the age, respondents were concerned about privacy.
  • Cheaper Chinese EVs could drive mass adoption despite current political concerns.

Despite Chinese EVs recently becoming public enemy #1 in the US, a recent survey released by AutoPacific indicates that 76% of buyers under 40 would consider buying one despite privacy concerns about connected vehicles. The research firm surveyed 800 people aged 18-80 and asked them specifically how they felt about Chinese EVs. As one would imagine, as the respondent’s ages moved up, the likelihood of considering such a vehicle went down, but we imagine not many 80-year-olds are buying a Model Y either.

“A surprising number of American consumers are familiar with Chinese car brands even though none are sold here currently. This is especially true among savvy Millennials and Gen Z, who would be the most likely to consider acquiring a vehicle from a Chinese brand.” – Ed Kim, President and Chief Analyst at AutoPacific

Privacy And Location Matter To Buyers

Despite the interest, privacy concerns abound, with 73% of those under 40 saying they’re concerned about the privacy of a Chinese vehicle, with this number going up to 81% for those over 60. A way to alleviate this could be to manufacture the vehicles here, which tariffs are practically making a necessity.

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Respondents were all more likely to consider a Chinese EV built in the US, with 39% of those aged under 40 saying this would sway them compared to merely 12% for those over sixty. Even being built in Mexico or Canada helps across the board, but the overall theme, no matter the question, was that younger people are interested in Chinese EVs, despite the opinions of lawmakers.

Consideration of buying Chinese EV Cheaper EVs Could Help Mass Adoption

​​​​​​​The Chinese are currently building some of the best electric vehicles in the world, and we know this because we frequently cover their reveals. Range, packaging, power, and design have all increased to levels that rival companies from all around the world, and the cherry on top is they’re significantly cheaper than the EVs made by international competitors. AutoPacific points to purchase price as the number one roadblock to Americans not purchasing EVs, and no matter your political opinions, money talks.

This is why politicians are so worried about allowing Chinese EVs in the country, because they know our automakers simply cannot compete when they’re selling $80,000 Rivian R1T pickups. You have to weigh the pros and cons of mass adoption, because we need to protect the auto industry that’s sustained millions of Americans over the last 100 years, but we also need to meet our emissions goals or none of this may even matter.

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Source: AutoPacific

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