• Jeep says that seven of its Grand Cherokees are missing energy-absorbing foam.
  • Without the part in place, the airbags may not work in the case of a crash.
  • The automaker will install the part as needed on all seven SUVs in question.

Modern automotive safety technology is incredible, but its success sometimes hinges on very simple parts. That’s the case when it comes to the Jeep Grand Cherokee where simple energy-absorbing foam helps the airbags to function properly. A new recall aims to add that missing piece to seven Grand Cherokees that left the factory without it.

Jeep doesn’t say how or why the error happened but at some point on December 6, 2023, it began building Grand Cherokees without the foam in question. This foam sits sandwiched between the bumper cover and the structural support. In a crash, it not only soaks in some of the impact force but it aids in triggering the airbags. By December 9, 2023, Jeep corrected its production process, it says.

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Evidently, other vehicles outside of this recall had the problem as well but ended up getting repaired before leaving the factory. The seven vehicles included here managed to get out and onto dealer lots so they need to be fixed. Jeep expects all seven units to need the foam and that’s what dealers will install once the vehicles end up in the shop. The part itself costs around $25 in the aftermarket.

Of course, the labor surrounding the fix would cost more for the average consumer. Thankfully, owners won’t spend a penny out of pocket for this fix since it’s a recall. Jeep says it’ll notify dealers and owners about the issue by July 5. Owners concerned that their vehicle might be a part of the recall population can call their dealer or check their VIN on the NHTSA’s website.

 Seven Jeep Grand Cherokees Left The Factory Without Safety Foam Behind Bumper

This is just the latest recall issued by a Stellantis brand. In late April, Jeep and Ram recalled a combined 12 vehicles over rearview camera and ESC glitches. At the same time, Jeep has already recalled over 330,000 vehicles this year due to various issues including one where the front wheels could fall off of the Grand Cherokee.

 Seven Jeep Grand Cherokees Left The Factory Without Safety Foam Behind Bumper