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BMW i5 M60 Transformed Into Beautiful Art Car

Colorful BMW i5 M60s will be ferrying art lovers around Stockholm this spring.

Key Takeaways

  • Art and design meet in unique ways in Stockholm this year with the BMW i5 M60 “Wetland.”
  • Winning artist Katrin Westman’s work showcases the blending of industrial design and artistic creativity.
  • The cars will be shuttling people through the streets of Stockholm for the 18th annual Market Art Fair.

Henry Ford famously said that customers looking to buy a Model T could have it in any color they wanted, as long as it was black. That was 100 years ago. Today, cars come in a rainbow of colors with fabulous names, like the Plum Crazy Dodge Charger or Gotta Have It Green Ford Mustang. This BMW i5 M60 does one better with a beautiful rainbow of colors.

2024 BMW i5 M60 Sedan








All-Wheel Drive


590 hp


586 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm

Battery Size

83.9 kWh

The design is the work of renowned Swedish artist Katrin Westman who is known for abstract art that makes dramatic use of color. Her talent is on full display on a series of special BMWs adorned with her winning entry titled “Wetland.”

A Celebration of Art

It’s a part of Stockholm’s 18th annual Market Art Fair, which takes place from May 17-19. It marks the second year in a row to feature electric BMWs with the work of a Nordic artist. A car will be on display outside Liljevalchs for everyone to view. These BMWs will also be used as shuttles throughout the fair, so if you happen to be in Stockholm, you might even get to ride in one.

“I believe that art can reach a wider audience through this kind of meeting. Industrial designers and artists work for different purposes, but both work creatively. There are things to learn from each other, but only time will tell exactly what and where it will lead.” -Katrin Westman.

BMW i5 Art Car Westman by Water
Oskar Omne

An Artful History

Last year’s winner was Siiri Jüris, whose work adorned the BMW i7 in the third year of BMW’s partnership with the show. The art car tradition, however, goes back much further. The BMW Art Car project has been running since 1975.The project started when French race car driver Hevré Poulain let artist Alexander Calder use his cars to create works of art.


New BMW i5 Art Car Showcases Enhanced Color-Changing Tech

The art car was designed by South African artist Esther Mahlangu, who also worked on a 5 Series in the 90s.

Since then, famous artists from Roy Lichtensteing to Andy Warhol have tried their hand at turning cars into art beyond their original designs. This year, Julie Mehretu will be the 20th artist to have her work featured on a car, which will run in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

BMW i5 Art Car Westman By Market Art Fair
Oskar Omne

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