• The driver of the Porsche appears to have lost control and speared off the road.
  • Fortunately, both the driver and passenger appear to have escaped without serious injuries.
  • Extensive water damage means this 911 will be heading straight to an auction or scrap yard.

Seriously, what’s with Porsches taking a dip these days? Is there a swimming pool shortage at Porsche dealerships? Just days after a 911 GT3 RS crashed into a Washington State river and a 993 Turbo becoming a temporary German submarine, yet another Porsche has ended up in the drink, albeit this time in a canal.

A video of the incident was recently shared to a Reddit thread, but unfortunately, we don’t have many details about the crash. We can see that the car in question is a 911 Cabriolet of some description and the video shows that the two occupants weren’t seriously injured in their mishap.

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A look at the scene of the crash indicates the driver of the sports car lost control and speared off the road, jumping over a curb, and smashing into a street sign. The Porsche then continued across a strip of grass before spearing into a canal, taking with it several wooden posts and destroying a small jetty.

Fortunately for the driver and passenger of the car, they were able to easily move away from the wreck as the water is relatively shallow and the car didn’t completely sinking under the surface.

While we can’t see what visual damage the Porsche has sustained, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that most of the car was submerged, inevitably causing significant mechanical and electrical damage. This 911 will never return to the roads unless there’s a brave YouTuber or influencer out there who thinks it’s a good idea to try and repair it for the views.

Crashes like this are all too common, regardless of the type of vehicle involved. Even so, powerful sports cars tend to end up in this kind of mishaps more often, as their drivers exhibit poor judgement concerning their skills behind the wheel and/or the condition of the road – something that can put them in serious trouble.

 Another Porsche Takes A Swim! This Time A 911 Cabrio In A Canal
Photo Reddit