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Lamborghini CEO Doesn’t See The Brand Going Full Electric Anytime Soon

The brand isn’t sold on the technology yet.

Key Takeaways

  • Lamborghini CEO prefers focusing on hybridization and combustion engines over full EVs due to lack of demand.
  • EV sales have slowed across the industry, leading luxury carmakers like Bugatti Rimac to reconsider their electric strategies.
  • Lamborghini is working to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030 through hybrid models, while considering alternatives like E-Fuels.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann doesn’t believe Lamborghini will make a fully electric supercar for some time, as the company would rather focus on hybridization and the continued use of combustion engines. He believes there’s more character and potential to be had in its V12 and future twin-turbo V8 powerplants. Given the slowdown in the EV industry, it’s too early to pin the brand’s hopes on the technology.


Automobili Lamborghini was created in 1963 after its founder had a disagreement with Enzo Ferrari over the cost of servicing his cars, arguing that Ferrari was overcharging for off-the-shelf parts. Enzo didn’t respond amicably, so Ferruccio took matters into his own hands with the 350 GT. Lamborghini later introduced the Miura, widely regarded as the first true supercar and one of the prettiest ever made. These days, the brand’s identity is characterized by AWD drivetrains, outrageous special editions, and raucous engines. The 1,001-hp Revuelto is its current V12 flagship, while the Urus SUV is its bestseller.




Ferruccio Lamborghini


SantÁgata Bolognese

Owned By


Current CEO

Stephan Winkelmann

“[An electric supercar] “is not something that is selling so far. “It’s too early, and we have to see down the road if and when this is going to happen.” – Stephan Winkelmann, CEO, Lamborghini

Lamborhini Revuelto EV Hype Is Cooling

Many companies have been doing some self-reflection this year as sales of electric vehicles have slowed. Mass-market companies like GM and Mercedes have already pivoted to cheaper solutions for future EV models and plans to create more hybrids in the meantime, and it appears this hesitation has also reached the high-end luxury car market.

Bugatti Rimac, perhaps the highest end EV supercar maker on the planet, recently announced that the Chiron successor will not go full electric. It also said that the next car Rimac makes may not even be an EV at all, thanks to customers wanting more character out of their vehicles.

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Sound and feel are vital to a supercar’s character, and the solutions to make up for this haven’t been great alternatives to a Huracan’s glorious V10 roar. Still, regulations are coming, and these companies need to find alternatives to cut their emissions.

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato

Lamborghini Is Doing Its Part

The EU has perhaps the most ambitious paln to cut emissions in the world, with by killing the combustion engine by 2035. Performance companies like Lamborghini and Ferrari will have a little more leeway than a company like BMW, but they’ll have to cut their pollutants regardless.


SPIED: Lamborghini Temerario Reveals Production Bodywork, Lighting Ahead Of August Debut

The baby Lambo’s reveal is imminent, and our spies have finally caught a prototype testing with production styling cues. We like what we see.

Lamborghini is on its way to cutting emissions by 40% by 2030 due to supply chain changes and more green production models like the plug-in hybrid Revuelto. The fully electric Lanzador crossover is also set to debut in 2028, but that’s the earliest the brand is expecting to go electric. There’s even a possibility its relationship with Porsche could allow it to explore alternatives like E-Fuels, though that is only likely to happen if the Euro 7 plans are altered when they’re reviewed again in 2035.

Lamborghini Lanzador 2

Source: Bloomberg

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