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V8-Powered Toyota GR Sports Car Sounds Mega In On-Track Test

It sounds wickedly fast on the track!

Key Takeaways

  • Toyota is developing a high-performance GR GT3 car for racing in the IMSA WeatherTech and World Endurance Championships.
  • Lexus is rumored to be releasing a street-legal version of the GR GT3 Concept, with a powerful V8 engine under the hood.
  • Videos capturing the racecar testing on the track show off the sound of the V8 engine.

There’s just something about the sound of a V8, as this video proves. It shows off the 2026 Toyota/Lexus GR GT3 car doing some testing for the World Endurance Championships. The GR GT name was trademarked by Toyota a while back, hinting that something high-performance was coming from the brand.


Toyota is a Japanese automaker founded in 1937 that has developed a reputation for reliability across a multitude of segments, from sports cars and family sedans to pickup trucks and off-roaders. Famous models from the brand include the Hilux, Land Cruiser, Camry, Crown, and Corolla, the latter being the world’s best-selling vehicle nameplate, with more than 50 million Corolla-badged vehicles being sold since it was first introduced. Toyota typically competes in the mainstream market, but is also famous for launching Lexus as a luxury sub-brand to take on Mercedes-Benz.

While a street-legal version of the Toyota GR GT3 Concept is rumored to be coming from Lexus, what we think we’re looking at here is the next generation of the Lexus GT3 racecar. It will likely compete in the IMSA WeatherTech and World Endurance Championships.

Just Listen To That Engine

Previous videos of the car showed off that it was a likely V8 monster despite camouflaging to hide the details. Those early videos also revealed a car that looked a lot like the GR GT3 Concept that debuted back in January 2022.

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At this point, we still don’t have anything official on what exactly we’re seeing, although Toyota WEC Team Director Rob Leupen has acknowledged that a racecar is in the works. It’s set to make its debut in 2026.

Toyota GR GT3 With Lexus Badge
Lexus Enthusiast Forum

Turning GT3 racecars into street legal cars is something of a theme with not just Toyota taking that route. The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is a street legal version of its racecar while Ford is turning its new Mustang GT3 into a street legal car.


Ford Mustang GTD’s Wild And Beautiful Suspension Belongs On A Pagani

Ford has continued the steady drip feed of Mustang GTD technical information by detailing its hypercar-level suspension.

It will be going on sale as the Mustang GTD, a car that Ford made customers apply to buy, so you couldn’t just walk into any dealership and buy one on the spot. This will be the quickest road-going Mustang ever for those lucky enough to get their hands on one.

Toyota GR GT3 Concept

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