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Rivian R1 Refresh Pictures Leaked Weeks Before Reveal

Key Takeaways

  • Rivian R1 models to get updates, including new headlights, cameras, and black badges.
  • Leaked certification documents show changes to the heat pump and battery.
  • Rivian is preparing for new models by offering discounts on existing inventory.

The Rivian R1 models are already set to get an update just a few short years after their debut, and we now have some extensive pictures of the exterior thanks to a user on the Rivian Forums. PeytonRG posted plant and street photos that show tons of newly built R1S models with changes to their lighting, camera placement, new badging, and more. No pictures of any R1T models were caught, but it will likely have similar changes.

2024 Rivian R1T Truck




533 hp


610 lb-ft


All-Wheel Drive

Towing Capacity

11,000 lbs

According to the user, the refresh will debut in a week, and will bring about changes as follows:

  • New headlights with new lighting capabilities
  • New cameras and ADAS
  • Black badges
  • No chrome
  • Silver brake calipers
  • Heat Pump
  • Tri-motor
  • Faster charging

Leaked Documents Corroborate These Claims

Just last week, a certification document was leaked on the Rivian Forums that corroborated the changes to the heat pump. It made no claim that charging rates would be increased despite the company switching the 105.9 kWh battery to a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, which should shave 150 lbs off of weight.

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The updated lighting looks like it will offer more capability, and we’re sure customers are going to welcome the inclusion of black badging instead of having to do it themselves in the aftermarket. As it currently stands, Dual-Motor variants feature silver and gloss black badging with silver brake calipers, whereas the Quad-Motor uses yellow badging and yellow brake calipers to tell the models apart.

The NHTSA’s VIN database also indicates the Tri-Motor variant is finally on the way. We should also expect a new “Premium” trim that should expand the luxury aspects of the models.

2025 Rivian R1 Refresh Leaked Shots
Rivian Forums

The Company Is Making Room

Rivian announced earlier this year it was halting special orders so it could retool its factory to cut production costs and start to make room for the upcoming R2 and R3 models. But this is most likely half of the story, as the company has also slashed prices on existing vehicles in its inventory, which indicates the company may be suffering in the same way many others are given the state of the EV industry.


Here’s What It Costs To Drive A Rivian R1T For A Year

Here’s what you can expect to spend on a Rivian R1T per year.

What’s amazing is, if you opt for the right model, you could be looking at savings upwards of $10,000 as long as you trade in a qualified combustion vehicle. This could see you find your way into an R1T or R1S for nearly $60,000, taking advantage of some of the best electric vehicles on the market and gaining access to the Rivian Adventure Charging Network for no additional cost for one year.

Source: Rivian Forums

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