• Ford’s Lightning SuperTruck will compete at this year’s Pikes Peak race driven by Romain Dumas.
  • It’s clear now that this pickup has some wild-looking aero on it from stem to stern.
  • It’ll be on display beginning on June 18th for qualifying before the race on June 23rd.

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb is almost upon us and Ford will compete with the all-new Lightning SuperTruck. The 102nd Race to the Clouds is one of the most famous hill climbs in the world. Today, Ford is showing off just a bit more of the pickup it’ll take to the mountain before unveiling it later next month.

The F-150 Lightning SuperTruck is likely a fully customized version of the pickup. In the same way that Ford’s SuperVan looks almost nothing like a real Transit, we expect the same of this new truck. The latest teaser appears to confirm those suspicions to a large degree as well.

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In a 48-second teaser trailer, we get our best look yet at this new beast and boy oh boy does it look ready for Pikes Peak. The rear end features a spoiler that would make Vin Diesel blush. The front fenders are gigantic and vented too. The rear appears to have similar fenders and might be sans a real bed. The graphics move quickly but this truck looks similar to some old-school Pikes Peak racers.

It’s worth noting that Ford isn’t racing at Pikes Peak just to debut a new trim. Whatever shows up at the mountain likely won’t ever be available in any form in show rooms. This is a serious attempt at setting a serious time up the 12.5-mile course.

To make that even more clear, it’s putting Romain Dumas at the helm of the SuperTruck. Dumas is the man who currently owns the record at Pikes Peak in the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak. If anyone can make a truck a record-owner at the mountain, it’s him.

We’ll see it between June 18th and 20th for qualifying before the race on Sunday, June 23rd. The SuperTruck will take on several other interesting entrants. Quarkus will be there with its mighty little P3 platform which is also backed by Dumas. Hyundai is also attending the race with a sincere interest in breaking records. To do so it’ll arrive with four Ioniq 5 Ns.