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Ferrari Developing Height-Adjustable Removable Infotainment Display That Swivels To Reduce Driver Distraction

Key Takeaways

  • Ferrari is developing a center infotainment screen that pivots between driver and passenger for an improved in-car experience.
  • The patented screen aims for both entertainment and safety by showing movies/games for passengers and driving data for drivers, depending on orientation.
  • Removable screen enables data recording and analysis for drivers to explore.

Thanks to a new patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, CarBuzz has learned that Ferrari is developing a removable center infotainment screen that can pivot to face either the passenger or the driver. The document notes that society’s wants and needs have changed and that passengers in all sorts of cars – even Ferrari supercars – may become bored if they don’t have an interactive screen ahead of them. Cars like the new Ferrari 12Cilindri feature a screen ahead of the passenger, but this typically only shows data that the driver also has access to, such as vehicle speed, engine speed, and navigation data. Ferrari’s new patent aims to provide a more entertaining experience without compromising safety.

2025 Ferrari 12Cilindri


6.5-liter V12 Naturally Aspired


819 hp


500 lb-ft @ 7,250 rpm


8-speed DCT Automatic


Rear Wheel Drive

0-60 MPH

2.9 sec

Top Speed

211 mph

The Idea

Ferrari’s patent is remarkably simple. Basically, the central infotainment screen would no longer be directly integrated into the dashboard but be fitted to the car via an arm that locks the screen in place. This arm can be raised or lowered to provide the driver with the ideal view regardless of their height and seating position. When in use, the screen would be able to detect whether it has been (manually) adjusted to face the driver or the passenger, and when aimed at the person riding shotgun, the screen would be able to provide movies, games, and other entertaining features.

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If the driver swivels the screen to face them, the screen would automatically revert to displaying driving data, such as lap times, acceleration speeds, fluid temperatures, and other information directly related to the operation of the car. Continental has also developed a means of preventing the driver from seeing what the passenger is watching, and BMW is working on a screen that nags the driver if they look at it. This way, the driver can never peek at the screen and be distracted by what the passenger is watching, but there’s another potential benefit to the removable screen.

Easy Data Analysis

Whenever there’s a new Ferrari invention, Maranello’s engineers always look for a way to enhance performance, and this screen is no different. The patent specifically notes that such a tablet device would be capable of recording loads of driving data from the user’s time on the track. With this, the driver can look back at their performances to see where they’ve improved or fallen short. While we think it may be tricky to make a removable screen and its stand look classy, Ferrari interiors rarely disappoint, and if this makes production, we have no doubt that it will look as elegant as possible. Other recent patents from the company include gaming-style driver aids superimposed onto the windshield, an ingenious new steering wheel that controls torque vectoring, and even a cabin design that allows the seats to be moved anywhere inside the cockpit.


BMW Infotainment Screens Will Turn Off If Drivers Don’t Watch The Road

BMW wants to rely on “social pressure from the other occupants” to keep drivers focused.

Patent filings do not guarantee the use of such technology in future vehicles and are often used exclusively as a means of protecting intellectual property. Such a filing cannot be construed as production intent.

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