• A Tesla Cybertruck ended up stuck in a flowing river and a bystander caught it on camera.
  • The same person says that the owner ended up getting a tow from a Chevrolet Silverado.
  • This is only the latest example of a Cybertruck driver overestimating their and the truck’s abilities.

It seems as if almost every day a new example pops up of a Tesla Cybertruck stuck in a precarious situation. Sometimes, it’s the beach that’s too soft. Other times, it’s a branch that snags a Cybertruck on a dirt hill. Today, it’s a flowing river and what appear to be steep banks that keep the silver-sided truck stuck between dry land.

It’s unclear where exactly this footage comes from but the original poster claims it’s from Azula Canyon. What’s clear is that there’s a flowing river there with somewhat steep banks on each side and somehow a Cybertruck owner ended up between them. From the moment the footage begins, the truck is trying to escape.

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Despite gaining what appears to be significant momentum, the truck can’t get a solid enough grip to escape going forward. The driver then attempts to reverse their way out of trouble with even less success. Then, they slam it back into drive, trudge through the water, and end up making about as much progress as they did in the first attempt. They repeat these failures at least one more time before the video ends.

According to the original poster, the truck ultimately gave up trying to free itself and awaited help. That help came in the form of a Chevrolet Silverado, says the cameraman. The driver’s antics in this short clip appear almost frantic. It’s possible that just a few feet downstream, an easier exit could’ve been had. Regardless, they’re far from the first Cybertruck owner to get stuck in a strange space.

During hard testing, we’ve seen suspension parts snap off. It’s struggled to make it up slightly snowy hills too. It seems as though the highly-touted off-road update can’t make it to drivers fast enough. Perhaps there needs to be a class in what sort of situations to avoid as well.

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