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Here’s the New Ford Expedition’s Face Totally Undisguised

It’s been just over a year since we caught a glimpse of the new Ford Expedition, and now we have a clear look at the restyled SUV before you’re supposed to see it. Save for some body-hugging camouflage wrap, here’s a full view of the 2025 Ford Expedition and its happy new face.

The prototype was caught out in the open in Ford’s hometown of Dearborn. A completely redesigned grille and front fascia are in full view here. The clean look is a stark departure from the large rectangular design of the current model. Gone are the big C-bracket light fixtures, replaced with much smaller lenses that blend into a smaller egg-crate grille. Tapered LED lights now outline the corners, forming a rudimentary C shape that angles downward to the bottom of the grille in a style similar to the refreshed F-150. Camo wrap conceals details on the lower fascia, but corner vents are considerably smaller.

In profile view, the Expedition doesn’t appear to change much. But look closely at the chrome trim towards the back window. It notches upward slightly, bringing a bit of character to the Expedition’s notoriously flat beltline. We also get a clear look at the new wheels, identified as 24 inchers per our spy sources. At the very back we see thinner taillights, and below, there are minor trim changes to the fascia. Also of interest at the back is an orange sticker identifying this is a 2025 model year vehicle.

We have a clear look outside, but what about the cabin? We believe Ford will give the Expedition a sizable digital makeover, possibly adopting a wide digital screen spanning the dash similar to the Lincoln Nautilus. Under the hood, it’s possible Ford could add a hybrid option in addition to the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6, though nothing’s been confirmed yet.

The current Expedition entered production in 2017, but we hesitate to call this a new generation. Visual updates will certainly set it apart from the outgoing model, but the familiar platform should carry on with few—if any—changes. We will know for sure later this year when the truck officially debuts.

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