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Alfa Romeo Abandoning Iconic Design Trend Because Of Safety Regulations

Key Takeaways

  • Alfa Romeo will abandon the offset license plate holder for pedestrian-friendly front fascias.
  • Fans may struggle with the change, but several Alfa models have used central plates.
  • Upcoming electric Giulia and Stelvio models will debut with sporty designs.
  • Both models will feature an updated version of the Scudetto grille design.

Alfa Romeo has always emphasized style and going against the grain. No other trend sums this up better than the offset license plate holder, first used in the mid-fifties. However, safety regulations will force the Turinese automaker to abandon tradition in favor of more pedestrian-friendly front ends.

The head of Alfa Romeo design, Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, told Autocar that the new Junior (launched under the Milano name) will pave the way for conventional plate placement. “We cannot put the number plate on the side anymore because of the homologation regulations for pedestrian [safety],” he said, adding that the upcoming electric Giulia and Stelvio replacements will go the same way. The European Union’s General Safety Regulations have forced Alfa’s hand.

Will Fans Accept A Centrally-Mounted License Plate?

While many Alfa fans will be disappointed by this announcement, the automaker has had many cars with a conventional license plate holder. Several models from the ’80s and ’90s, such as the GTV6, Milano, and 155, all had a centrally positioned plate. Mesonero-Romanos, who owns an Alfetta and 1968 Giulia with central plates, prefers the look.

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“This will allow us to have symmetry anyway, so I am happy – I’m one of the guys who likes the plate in the middle,” he remarked. With Alfa Romeo poised to replace its Quadrifoglio high-performance models with electric drivetrains, the more traditional Alfisti may have difficulty adjusting to these sudden changes.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio front end
Alfa Romeo

New Giulia And Stelvio Will Be “Fantastic”

The design of the Giulia and Stelvio is frozen. The Stelvio is due to arrive in 2025, while the all-new Giulia is expected to debut a year later in 2026. The STLA Large vehicle architecture underpins both models. Mesonero-Romanos describes their designs as “fantastic” and says the Giulia will deliver the sporty styling that customers would expect “with a super-cool coupe.”


Alfa Romeo Giulia And Stelvio ‘Quadrifoglio Super Sport’ Debut As Highly Limited Send-Off To V6 Models

The models even feature a design change not seen on an Alfa Romeo in over 100 years, and there’s red carbon fiber.

The upcoming electric Alfas will debut with a reinterpreted ‘Scudetto’ grille design. The head designer confirmed that the battery-powered models will have a closed-off grille with a graphical design similar to the 3D effect found on the Junior. “Putting the logo in a big size shows we are proud of it, and it’s a modern interpretation graphically; it’s pretty strong to have it in a big size. When you look at sneakers and things, everyone is making big logos, and it’s nice as long as it’s subtle. If it was pink, it would be too much,” he concluded.

Alfa Romeo Tonale front end
Alfa Romeo

Source: Autocar

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