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A Set Of Dodge Demon 170 Carbon Fiber Wheels Will Cost You Over $50,000!

Even without factoring in tax and shipping for the carbon fiber wheels, that’s over half of the Demon 170’s original MSRP of $96,666

 A Set Of Dodge Demon 170 Carbon Fiber Wheels Will Cost You Over $50,000!

  • The desirable carbon fiber wheels available for the Dodge Demon 170 cost at least $12,258.95 a piece.
  • Sellers in the used take-off market are asking around $30,000 for a set with minimal mileage (and that’s probably before they learned about the factory price).
  • What was originally an $11,495 factory option for all four CF wheels will now cost buyers over $50,000 from Dodge dealers and Mopar.

The Dodge Challenger Demon 170 brought with it several somewhat unbelievable numbers. It cranks out over 1,000 horsepower, can race down the quarter-mile in under nine seconds, and pins you back in your seat with over 2 Gs of force. And let’s not forget the outrageous dealer markups we’ve seen over the past few months.

Now, we’ve just learned about one more utterly bananas figure. Those looking to snag a set of four factory carbon fiber wheels will have to shell out up to $50,412 (and that’s before tax and shipping!) if purchased directly from Mopar (part #68641698AB for the front, and #68641697AA for the rear). The price might vary slightly, either less or even more, if they opt to shop around at Dodge dealers. Additionally, the center cap comes at an extra cost.

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Amazingly, that’s over half of the original MSRP ($96,666) of the entire car in base form! Don’t get us wrong, they’re certainly special. They’re a unique two-piece construction and they tend to add real value to used Demon 170s. At the same time, they were already pricey option from the start – adding them to your Demon 170 cost a hefty $11,495 for a set of four wheels, to be clear.

The Demon 170 might be sold out, but the wheels are available as a standalone purchase. We’ve seen Dodge parts sellers asking for nearly or sometimes even over $13,000 for a single CF wheel. In fact, this info dates back to December 2023 when folks on the forum openly talked about it.

A poster there claims that the cost to the dealer for a single wheel is $9,645. A dealer appeared to confirm the price on Facebook too. Our editor-in-chief John Halas sleuthed out the hard data for confirmation though. Indeed, on Mopar’s site, each wheel can cost as much as $12,258 depending on where one searches for them. That’s not including a $50 core charge either.

The description might say aluminum but don’t forget, these two-piece wheels aren’t fully carbon fiber. They leverage some aluminum in the design. Frankly, if they were aluminum it would make this story all the more outrageous.

The aftermarket for these wheels is almost as wild. Used take-off wheels with minimal mileage are listed all over Facebook for $30,000. One single wheel on eBay has an asking price of $10,000 plus shipping. How on earth can this sort of pricing make any sense?

 A Set Of Dodge Demon 170 Carbon Fiber Wheels Will Cost You Over $50,000!

As stated, Demon 170s on the used market tend to go for substantially more when they come with these carbon fiber wheels. In addition, the wheels were unavailable for a time during Demon 170 production. Dodge may also have a minimal supply of these wheels at this stage. Does any of that make these wheels worth this much? Probably not.

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We’ve reached out to Dodge for information on the price of these wheels and here’s what it said: “Information on Demon 170 carbon fiber wheel kit availability through Direct Connection, the Dodge performance parts brand, will be shared in the near future. Stay tuned to, the official Direct Connection website, for further details.”

Turns out, we didn’t need to stay tuned, it’s all there on

 A Set Of Dodge Demon 170 Carbon Fiber Wheels Will Cost You Over $50,000!

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