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The Mustang GTD Has A Suspension Peephole

Ford has put a window in the Mustang GTD, which enables you to see the rear suspension in action

  • The $325,000 Mustang GTD has a rectangular cutout, which enables you to see the rear suspension in action.
  • The window is visible inside and out, allowing fans to check out the suspension’s inboard design.
  • While some might find it strange, Ford views the suspension as a beautiful piece of engineering worthy of display.

When you spend roughly $325,000 on a car, you want a window to see its glorious mid-mounted engine. However, that’s a big problem for Ford as the Mustang GTD’s supercharged 6.2-liter V8 is located up front.

Not to worry as the company has decided to install a suspension glory hole. Thankfully, this isn’t your typical rest stop special as team Blue Oval created a rectangular cutout that measures approximately 24 inches (610 mm) wide by 10 inches (254 mm) tall. They’ve also slapped on some scratch-resistant polycarbonate and wrapped everything up in a carbon fiber surround.

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The end result is a literal window, which Ford decided to wax on about poetically. In particular, Mustang GTD marketing manager Jim Owens said, “The rear suspension is designed for purpose, but it’s also just a beautiful thing to look at. It would have been a shame for us to hide it away never to be seen.”

While it’s hard to get excited about a widow, the pricey pony car features an inboard rear suspension and Multimatic Adaptive Spool Valve dampers. The latter are capable of going from their softest to firmest setting in 15 milliseconds, which is six times faster than the human eye can blink.

The dampers adjust continuously based on conditions, driver inputs, and the selected drive mode. Ford went on to say, “Each damper has two springs, and when driving on the street, they work together to allow a comfortable ride. Activating the driver-selectable Track mode hydraulically compresses one of the springs, nearly doubling the spring rate overall and lowering the vehicle approximately 40 millimeters (about 1.6 inches) to maximize capability on the track.”

Besides the fancy suspension, the Mustang GTD has carbon fiber body panels and a purposeful design. Other highlights include carbon ceramic brakes, a carbon fiber driveshaft, an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, and an estimated output in excess of 800 hp (597 kW / 811 PS).

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