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Ram Saves Tesla Cybertruck After It Gets Stuck In Sand

Maybe Tesla needs to invent a way to steer its customers away from scenarios like this one

 Ram Saves Tesla Cybertruck After It Gets Stuck In Sand

  • Another Tesla Cybertruck ended up battery-deep on a sandy beach in Oregon.
  • A Ram 1500 pickup truck strapped onto it and pulled it out.
  • Despite several documented mishaps, it seems that Cybertruck owners still aren’t reading their owner’s manual closely enough.

Driving on sand can pose a challenge for any vehicle, but when it’s a Tesla Cybertruck that gets stuck, it certainly makes waves. Moreover, when a pickup truck from another brand has to pull it out, that’s also quite noteworthy. That scenario is exactly what played out a few days ago on an Oregon beach.

Sandlake, OR, is situated on the far west coast of both the state and the country. It’s home to a beachy recreation area on the coast where one Cybertruck owner found themselves stuck on May 18. Other park users navigated the dunes with ATVs, UTVs, and various automobiles.

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Thankfully for the Tesla owner, one of those vehicles was a Ram 1500 truck. Unfortunately for the Tesla owner, someone captured the slightly embarrassing scene on video. That person, Randy Ridenour, tells KOIN 6 that he was enjoying the part on his ATV when he rolled up on the pair of trucks.

“[We] came over a dune and noticed a bunch of people standing around,” Ridenour said. “That’s when I realized why there was so much interest. [A Tesla Cybertruck is] not something you usually see out there.” Certainly, this is a truck that stands out everywhere including when it’s stuck on a beach.

Video from the scene shows that the Ram 1500 manages to pull the Tesla out with little drama. Beyond the tires of the 1500 pickup sinking into the sand a bit itself, it would be hard to tell that it was towing something without seeing the Tesla hooked up to the tow strap.

To the Cybertruck driver’s credit, it appears as though they weren’t buried very deep, likely an indication that they didn’t make things worse for themselves once they were initially stuck.

Based on the footage, it’s impossible to tell what measures they might have taken beforehand to prevent getting stuck. However, the driver, along with all other off-road-bound Cybertruck owners, would be wise to adapt based on the terrain.

This could involve airing down the tires, selecting the appropriate driving mode, considering how to navigate specific surfaces, and more. Otherwise, they can anticipate getting stuck, just like this individual.

Image Credit: KOIN 6

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