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Reports Say The Hyundai N74 Hydrogen Supercar Arriving In 2026

Key Takeaways

  • Hyundai may produce an N74 hydrogen supercar in 2026, based on the N Vision 74 concept.
  • Suppliers are currently working on components for test mules with more power.
  • A limited production run of 200 units is expected at a starting price of $370,000.

New information from the Korea Economic Daily indicates we may see a production Hyundai hydrogen supercar in just a few years, bringing the N Vision 74 concept to fruition. The publication recently received information from parts suppliers who said they’re already working on the R&D for the different components the test mules will need. The plan is to have the mule up and running later this year.


Hyundai is a Korean automaker that currently exports its vehicles to over 200 countries. It builds gas, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric, and even hydrogen vehicles. It also launched Genesis as a spinoff luxury brand with a separate vehicle lineup.

So far, the information coming out regarding the groundbreaking hydrogen vehicle has been conflicting at best, with the company denying its future while executives tell publications they’re trying to make it happen. The 2022 concept is a revelation, with looks based on the original 1974 Hyundai Pony Coupe concept and a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain that would make it one of the most inspiring vehicles on the road. Given the success of N models like the Ioniq 5 N and Elantra N, we’re excited, to say the least.

Hyundai N Vision 74 Concept

Price, Benchmarks, and Power

All the suppliers spoken to said their parts will be done this summer, but that they are only producing a small number points toward their use in test mules. The mules are for fine-tuning their to see how far performance can be pushed, with sources saying power higher than the 680 horses that debuted in concept is being investigated. This will be impressive to achieve given it’s RWD only, something we hope makes it into production given all-electric supercars have gone AWD.

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Sources say the company is looking at a small production run of just 200 units with a starting price of $370,000. This makes it more expensive than models like the Maserati MC20, Aston Martin DB12, and Lucid Air Sapphire, but it will have the benefit of being unlike any other vehicle on the planet..

Hyundai N Vision 74 Concept

Information Trickling Out

While the company has officially been silent on the existence of such a future production model, it’s been busy laying the groundwork. Multiple patents were filed last year regarding a hydrogen fuel cell system Hyundai was producing. While the company does make a hydrogen production model in the Nexo, these patents are for a higher-performance applications and were packaged with a patent for frameless doors, just like the concept.


What’s Going On With Hyundai’s Production N Vision 74?

The latest news seems to be that the South Korean automaker will make it happen.

Soon after, the company filed a trademark for the N74 name, dropping the “Vision” part of the concept’s name, and hid more patents in a Kia Stinger filing that indicated fitting a hydrogen fuel cell system into the rear of a vehicle just like the concept. All this information combined with these new reports have us believing the project is chugging along nicely, and we may have Hyundai’s first supercar in just a few short years.

Hyundai N Vision 74 Concept

Source: Korea Economic Daily

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