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250-Unit Mercedes‑AMG PureSpeed Concept Is The First Mythos Creation

Key Takeaways

  • Mercedes-AMG unveils the PureSpeed concept, a two-seater car inspired by motorsport for high-end customers.
  • The PureSpeed concept features a unique design, AMG ONE-style grille, and visible carbon fiber trim.
  • This concept serves as a preview of the upcoming Mythos series, exclusive cars for clients seeking luxury and performance.
  • Mercedes-AMG has taken design inspiration from historic racers, such as the 300 SLR.
  • Only 250 units to be made.

In the run-up to the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix this weekend, Mercedes-AMG has whipped the covers off the striking PureSpeed concept, an incredible-looking two-seater compact car inspired by motorsport. With no windscreen or roof, this concept is touted as a racecar for the road. The German automaker says this is a preview of the coming Mythos series, a collection of highly exclusive cars designed for high-end customers who don’t want to be seen in a regular SL 63. The Mythos SL is expected to debut in 2025, and just Mercedes says only 250 buyers will get access to this first creation. Pricing and performance have not been revealed, but this will be a bespoke creation with limitless scope for customization, so the sky is the limit.

Visceral Design

The overall design borrows styling cues from the Mercedes-AMG ONE hypercar, with visible carbon fiber trim and a unique front end, unlike the regular SL, which wears the signature Panamericana grille. The PureSpeed grille has AMG lettering, a pronounced front splitter, and large air vents. Overall, this lends the vehicle an aggressive look, with a shark-nose-style fascia. Mercedes-AMG has optimized aerodynamics in several ways. Carbon fiber covers on the front and rear wheels improve vehicle handling and stability in different ways.

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The front covers are open to enhance cooling to the brakes and for greater downforce, whereas the closed rear covers help smooth airflow. The hood has also been redesigned for aerodynamic performance and features a subtle air outlet. The side profile looks particularly muscular, thanks to the custom side sills with carbon fiber aero flics. The voluptuous rear haunches flow gracefully into the rear end, where you will find an active rear spoiler and a meaty carbon fiber diffuser with quad exhaust pipes.

F1-Inspired Safety Technology

Unlike the standard SL, the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed has neither a windscreen nor a roof, relegating it strictly to summer duty. Mercedes is a stickler for safety, so the A-pillar has been replaced with the lifesaving HALO system, which has been fitted to all Formula 1 cars since 2018. The safety feature protects the driver’s head in an accident with a bracket connected to the vehicle body. Naturally, it has been optimized for aerodynamic performance.


Mercedes Pivots From Entry Luxury To Top-End Luxury

Fewer lease specials, more Maybach models.

To protect the occupants from the outdoor elements, the vehicle comes with aerodynamically designed helmets specially designed for PureSpeed. This provides the feeling of a Formula 1 racer without sacrificing the comforts one would expect from a Mercedes. The interior receives a unique color scheme and a custom timepiece designed by IWC Schaffhausen.

Taking Inspiration From The Past And Present

Aside from the AMG ONE, Mercedes says it looked further back into its storied past for design inspiration. The flying buttresses are a clear homage to the iconic 300 SLR, which the late Sir Stirling Moss drove to victory in the 1955 Mille Miglia. Similarly, the exquisite gradient paintwork – which fades from Le Mans Red to Graphite Gray – is a nod to the Mercedes that won the 1924 Targa Florio, an iconic moment in Mercedes’ history. Red was typically reserved for Italian race cars, while German racers were painted white. The Stuttgart-based brand cleverly painted the car red to prevent Italian race fans from trying to thwart the vehicle’s progress, and it worked.

It’s lovely to see Mercedes-Benz creating extraordinary motor vehicles that blend past and present, and we cannot wait to see what more the Mythos series has in store for lucky customers. If the PureSpeed is the first taste of what to expect, we certainly won’t be disappointed.

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