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Ex-Koenigsegg Designer Launches New Hypercar Brand, First Model Arrives This Year

Key Takeaways

  • Former Koenigsegg chief designer Sasha Selipanov founded Nilu27 hypercar brand
  • The teaser video reveals a sick-looking hypercar that will be launched this year
  • Nilu27’s first hypercar is powered by an internal combustion engine

Sasha Selipanov, Koenigsegg’s former chief of design, has launched a new hypercar brand called Nilu27. The Koenigsegg Gemera designer founded the new brand but didn’t provide any press release for its launch. However, its social media campaign, which came with a short video teaser of its first creation, provided a handful of information regarding what the brand will offer.

“Unfazed by digitalization, electrification, and other distractions, we’re focusing on the ultimate automotive experience with a healthy dose of ‘holy shit’ mixed in for good measure,” said the caption from Nilu27’s various social media posts. Based on this, Nilu27’s first model is expected to be a driver’s car with an internal combustion engine, supported by a raspy exhaust sound at the end of the teaser video.

First Hypercar Launching Soon

The teaser also showed an unobstructed rear view of Nilu27’s first hypercar. A centrally mounted triple exhaust is mounted high between what appears to be a triple-decker rear wing, while the massive diffuser has a third brake light at the center like a Formula car. The suspension setup, the glass canopy, and an awesome pair of gullwing doors were shown, too.

These things point to an insane-looking hypercar far from the usual Koenigsegg design, but we’ll reserve our judgment until the model is fully revealed. Speaking of which, Nilu27 has announced that its first creation will be fully revealed at Pebble Beach on August 15, 2024.



The First-Ever Koenigsegg Hypercar Concept Was Designed On MS Paint

With an IBM 486 and every 1994 kid’s favorite Microsoft application, Christian von Koenigsegg laid the foundation for 30 years of hypercar innovation.

Life After Koenigsegg

Selipanov has an impressive resume upon founding Nilu27. He worked for Koenigsegg for nearly three years. Before his departure in 2022, Selipanov worked with the exterior and interior design of the Gemera and the mind-boggling CC850. This followed his previous employment as head of exterior design for Bugatti and chief designer for Genesis, respectively.

In 2023, Selipanov founded Hardline27 LLC, an automotive design consulting firm. He worked with various brands, including Unplugged Performance and its aftermarket wheels for the entire Tesla lineup. We’ll see what Selipanov has in store for the Nilu27 brand, but based on this 23-second teaser, our expectations are high.

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