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Toyota Still Has No Plans to Offer a Ford Maverick Competitor in the US

Toyota has grown its lineup recently with new models like the Crown and Grand Highlander, but one vehicle remains missing: A compact pickup. Trucks are larger than ever, allowing smaller offerings like the Ford Maverick to find plenty of buyers. Despite the new segment, Toyota still has no plans to offer a Maverick competitor, according to Ted Ogawa, CEO of Toyota North America.

Ogawa told Automotive News that it’s “studying in that area” and discussing the segment’s possibilities with bosses back in Japan. He noted that compact and mid-size trucks offer an opportunity for electrification, which presents the challenge of keeping the price affordable.

The Maverick bursted onto the scene with great fanfare thanks to its affordable price and available hybrid powertrain. The truck is a bit more expensive to start today than when it first went on sale for 2022, but that hasn’t slowed sales. They jumped 26.5 percent last year to 94,054, and sales are up a whopping 82 percent through the first three months of 2024, with Ford selling nearly 40,000 units.

The Maverick originally had an MSRP below $20,000, excluding destination. Today, the entry-level Maverick with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine starts at $25,515, including a $1,595 destination charge. The hybrid is a bit more expensive at $27,015. Considering you get five seats, a usable truck bed, and a 37-mile-per-gallon combined rating, we’d say that’s still a deal.

If current trends continue, 2024 will be the Maverick’s best sales year yet, blowing away it’s only real competitor, the Hyundai Santa Cruz. It’d be nice to see what Toyota could offer in the space not only because the Ford is so good, but also because competition usually results in better products for us.

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