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Cybertruck Owner Begs Tesla To Give Him A New Truck After Several Problems

He’s not the only one experiencing major issues but he might just be the loudest

 Cybertruck Owner Begs Tesla To Give Him A New Truck After Several Problems

  • Cybetruck owner says that Tesla won’t replace his often-broken truck
  • He documented every issue and is very vocal about the situation
  • Other Cybertruck owners with issues appear to be on the other end of the spectrum

Imagine buying a brand new vehicle only to have it regularly break down. Now add to it that the vehicle in question costs six figures. How much worse would it be if it also happened to be one of the most attention-grabbing vehicles in recent history?

That’s evidently what one Cybertruck owner is dealing with and it sounds like an absolute roller coaster. He’s claiming that his truck is a lemon and that Tesla won’t replace it. On the flip side, other Cybertruck owners seem to wear rose-colored glasses about the truck no matter how sketchy things can get.

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A content creator who goes by Lamar MK says that less than two weeks after delivery, his Cybertruck broke down. It appeared to have the same critical steering fault warning that so many others have experienced. It also had differential errors and other codes popping up. Teslas might be capable of special holiday lighting displays but this is another story altogether.

As a result, he had the truck towed two hours to the nearest service center and went over some of the other problems he wanted fixed. Namely, a droopy headliner, a “line in the windshield”, and a driver’s seat that was rubbing against the center console, leaving his shiny new truck in the service center for multiple weeks at first.

Once it came back home it had additional issues with the air conditioning. That was a quick fix but then a week later, MK was back again. He had decided by this point that Tesla needed to give him a new Cybertruck. “At this point, I need a truck… just give me a new truck,” he says.”

Some of this frustration might come down to how MK uses the truck too. This isn’t simple transportation to him, he uses it commercially. On his website, he offers “chauffeured experiences” with it to the tune of up to $1,500. A short 30-minute ride-along will cost you $150. It’s unclear how busy he is with the business but it’s a main part of his social media profile and features in all of his online branding.

Lamar MK said “I’ve received numerous inquiries and even bookings for these services, only to refund and cancel them because I don’t have a working truck to provide them.” Clearly, he has several reasons to be upset with the whole situation.

Finally, this is all anecdotal evidence at this point but MK is far from the only Cybertruck owner with similar issues. Calling the brand out for poor service is the right move for anyone dealing with sub-par support.

A Rose-Colored Cybertruck

However, some love the brand so much that they seem to completely overlook major safety issues. There’s the case of the folks over at Out of Spec Reviews. Their Cybertruck has also had some serious safety issues. For one thing, the lug nuts evidently “fell off” at some point and had to be replaced. In addition, the windshield wiper went “missing” they say.

During a rainstorm, it began to break apart and was “flopping around” so they removed it altogether. Despite the problems, it’s “been an absolute trooper” says Jordan Schiefer. Some might call that optimistic but others would surely call it a lack of common sense.

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