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Criminal Mastermind Steals Tesla Cybertruck, Learns He Can Run, But Can’t Hide

One man evidently made a series of really stupid choices that all lead to jail time

 Criminal Mastermind Steals Tesla Cybertruck, Learns He Can Run, But Can’t Hide

  • Police responded to a stolen vehicle report only to find out that the vehicle in question was a Tesla Cybertruck.
  • The owner used the truck’s in-vehicle GPS location tech to track it.
  • The suspect led police on a brief chase before possibly realizing that hiding the truck would be impossible.

Stealing one of the most head-turning vehicles on the road is a very strange choice. Now, tack on the fact that the vehicle in question has an internal GPS tracker. None of this is very intelligent, but it gets worse because the suspect in question then attempted to run. Well, for a short time, at least.

That suspect is Corey Cohee, 41, of Milford, Delaware. Police say that he took a Tesla Cybertruck from a home on Brick Granary Rd in Lincoln, DE. Officers showed up at that home and learned about what the vehicle was. Once they did, the owner showed them where to find it based on the in-vehicle GPS tracker.

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Authorities went to that location, a dirt road off of Pinecone Dr. less than a mile away and sure enough, there was a silver slab-sided Tesla in plain view. According to the police, the suspect then fled onto Pinecone Dr, disregarded directions from the officers, and fled briefly. The pursuit didn’t last long, though, as the suspect decided to stop, probably realizing that trying to escape in such a distinctive vehicle was futile.

Officers arrested him without incident and took him to Sussex Correctional Institution on a $4,002 secured bond. Now, Cohee is facing four major charges including theft of a vehicle, disregarding a police officer’s signal, criminal trespass, and failure to have a license in possession.

 Criminal Mastermind Steals Tesla Cybertruck, Learns He Can Run, But Can’t Hide

Just the theft charge is a class G felony in Delaware and could carry a two-year prison sentence. That’s a heavy price to pay but the series of decisions here were seriously foolish. Don’t steal cars in general, and especially don’t steal ones that are hilariously easy to spot and just so happen to have internal GPS trackers always pinging away. 

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