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Hyundai Elantra N Runs From Police Straight Into A Construction Zone

While he didn’t get away, he did construct a larger wrap sheet for himself

 Hyundai Elantra N Runs From Police Straight Into A Construction Zone

  • An Arkansas State Patrol car chased a Hyundai Elantra N into an active construction zone where the driver gave up.
  • The performance-oriented sedan driver had already escaped an earlier chase according to reports.
  • Now, he’s facing several serious charges.

When police chase suspects in cars, they never know where the pursuit might lead them. In this case, it ended up in between two active lanes of traffic. A Hyundai Elantra N driver made the mistake of not just running from police, but also running into an active construction zone with no way out.

Now he’s facing charges from two different departments including aggravated assault, reckless driving, and fleeing.

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The unnamed driver who Arkansas officers say is from Maryland had reportedly escaped a pursuit initiated by the Saline County Sheriff’s Office. Soon after, an Arkansas State Trooper noticed a similar car traveling at a high rate of speed and began closing in on the car to investigate further. Within just a few seconds, the Elantra N begins weaving between lanes and then drives onto a very brief shoulder to pass cars, the dashcam shows.

At that moment, the officer turns on his lights and sirens, but progress is slow. The section of road where the two cars are is amid major construction, and there is almost no shoulder at all. Consequently, cars attempting to yield to the officer’s vehicle take a while to do so. Once he catches up, the pursuit oscillates, with the Elantra N gaining and then losing space repeatedly due to traffic.

Finally, the Hyundai driver dips into a closed part of the road undergoing active construction. Here, he gains significant ground as the ASP trooper struggles to keep up. Both end up slowed down by workers in heavy machinery though. At this stage, the fleeing suspect begins to kick up dirt which slows the officer down. What he doesn’t realize is that he’s driving into a dead end.

The roadway falls away on the right side of the construction zone and heavy concrete barriers limit his ability to go to the left. The smartest move he makes is to stop and get out while awaiting the officer. According to the video description, authorities took him to the Saline County Jail.

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He’s facing charges from both the ASP and the County Sheriff’s Office of fleeing and reckless driving. The ASP further charged him with aggravated assault, careless/prohibited driving, failure to present insurance, improper lane change, improper passing on the right, speeding, and fictitious tags.

Image Credit: Police Pursuits

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