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Rose Gold Tesla Cybertruck On 30-Inch Disc Rims Is Peak Cyberbling

These Forgiato wheels wear the same Rose Gold finish as the Tesla’s exterior wrap


by Brad Anderson

7 hours ago

 Rose Gold Tesla Cybertruck On 30-Inch Disc Rims Is Peak Cyberbling

  • Much to our surprise, 30-inch wheels suit the Tesla Cybertruck.
  • While this example may look cool, we suspect the ride is now very harsh.
  • Modified Cybertrucks are bound to become more common as deliveries ramp up.

Forget subtlety, forget practicality. The Tesla Cybertruck has become the ultimate flexmobile for the status-obsessed, and this latest one takes the cake (or should we say, the chrome Cybertruck-shaped keychain?) as the most dramatic one we’ve seen. For now.

This particular Cybertruck was recently modified by the Omar’s Wheels and Tires team in Dallas, Texas. The shop works on a wide array of vehicles, and for this Cybertruck, it has bolted on a set of massive 30-inch solid disc wheels from Forgiato.

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From the factory, the Cybertruck’s standard wheels are 20×9 inches at the front and rear. Growing this diameter by one-third may sound crazy, but much to our surprise, the huge wheels don’t look entirely out of place on this Cybertruck.

Admittedly, these Forgiato wheels are wrapped in paper-thin tires that would be absolutely useless for off-roading, but they are fit for a car show or for cruising on the street. We suspect they hurt the ride, however.

It’s not just the sheer size of these wheels that makes them stand out. Most of the face is finished in rose gold chrome, perfectly matching the wrap adorning the Tesla’s bodywork. It’s a wild look but oh-so-fitting for the streets of Dallas.

In recent months, we’ve seen plenty of other Cybertrucks adorned with eye-catching wraps. In January, a gloss black example caught our eye, as did one adorned in gloss purple. In March we even saw a Cybertruck getting a liquid paint protection film designed to emulate Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa.

In April, Omar’s Wheels and Tires worked on another Tesla Cybertruck and fitted it with 30-inch shoes from Forgiato. Those wheels were the Parlante model with a shimmering silver finish that made them stand out from the EV’s controversial stainless steel panels.

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