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Honda Recalling Almost 200,000 Ridgelines Over Rearview Camera Issue

Key Takeaways

  • Honda is recalling 187,000 Ridgeline trucks due to a wire harness issue affecting the rearview camera.
  • The harness can become brittle over time and snap with regular use.
  • Honda is issuing a recall and retrofitting affected vehicles with a more robust part.

Honda has announced it is recalling 187,000 Ridgelines built between 2020 and 2024 due to a wire harness that can fail and prevent the rearview camera from displaying. If this sounds familiar, the same exact issue caused a recall in 2022 for model year 2017 through 2019 Ridgelines. Those models were given updated wire harnesses, but the problem impacts a greater range of model years than initially recalled.

The current recalled part and the previously recalled part have separate numbers, indicating that whatever changes Honda made over the years didn’t take care of the problm. So far, there have been 402 warranty claims related to the defect, but no accidents or injuries have been reported.


How Does It Fail?

The wire harness is produced by Aptiv Services US of Troy, Michigan according to Autoevolution, and features a woven twist tube that is very susceptible to moisture. Due to changing temperatures and road salt sitting on the cable, over time, it becomes brittle. Simply opening and closing the tailgate routinely is enough to eventually snap it.

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The NHTSA was investigating 2020–2023 Ridgelines for the issue, but it appears Honda has included 2024 model year units as well. A more robust wire was introduced into the production process on May 3rd, but units produced from April 25 through that date have been retro-fitted with the upgraded part. Dealers are already aware of the recall and fix, while owners should expect to get a letter from July 1st onward. You can also contact Honda Service at 1-888-234-2138 with the recall number YI7.

Honda Ridgeline
American Honda Motor Co., Inc

Truck Recalls Have Been Rolling In This Year

While the Ridgeline isn’t normally in the headlines for recalls, many of its competitors have been this year. The Ford Maverick is one particularly bad offender, as Ford has recalled the model three times this year already, for reasons including failing taillights and faulty powertrain modules that can fall off.


Honda Ridgeline Generations: Everything You Need To Know In One Place

Honda’s Ridgeline is a mid-sized unibody truck with car-like driving manners, which is ideal for truck lovers who don’t need huge towing capacities.

Toyota has recalled nearly 400,000 Tacomas because of a nut that may come loose and cause the truck to become unstable at speed, and the Cybertruck had a high-profile recall for its accelerator pedal that was fixed with a simple rivet right through the center. This Ridgeline recall is a bit less pressing than others, because the failure of the backup camera still means you can back up the old-fashioned way and the vehicle is still driveable, but its worth getting fixed to save a headache down the line.

Honda Ridgeline - Rear View
American Honda Motor Co., Inc

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