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Bay Area YouTuber Jailed After Posting High-Speed BMW Stunts Online

Carscoops exposed this BMW 335d driver over two years ago, and the story has finally reached a positive conclusion

 Bay Area YouTuber Jailed After Posting High-Speed BMW Stunts Online

  • Two years after we reported on a reckless driver posting his own behavior online, he is now behind bars.
  • California Highway Patrol used various methods to identify, track, and capture the speeder in question.
  • Now, he’s facing a 60-day sentence, probation, and some long-lasting consequences.

Truth to be told, most automotive enthusiasts break the speed limit here and there. However, very few do so at triple-digit speeds weaving in and out of traffic regularly. Even fewer post evidence of that driving and proceed to boast about it openly online. That’s exactly what Scott Kitfield did though and now it’s landed him behind bars with a slew of additional consequences.

In April of 2022, we exposed his driving after he had been posting about it in his BMW 335d for roughly six months on both YouTube and Instagram. Several users on Reddit and other platforms discovered his identity as well, though at the time, there was no way to verify that it was actually Kitfield behind the wheel. What was evident, though, was that whoever was driving in the videos was endangering the public.

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We had contacted the authorities in California, but received no response. Shortly after our initial report, Kitfield removed his YouTube channel and made his Instagram private. Although the authorities did not respond to us, they began their own investigation later in 2022, which included his posted content. It wasn’t until July 2023 that they planned an operation to catch him in the act.

On the 14th of that same month, they tracked him with a helicopter. Officers witnessed him driving at over 110 mph (177 km/h) before racing another car at over 120 mph (193 km/h). At that stage, CHP sent a marked patrol car to pull over Kitfield, but instead of stopping, he led officers on a short chase. Ultimately, he gave up and was arrested.

It took almost a year but on April 3, 2024, Kitfield was convicted of fleeing from police while driving recklessly and engaging in a speed contest. Other incidents from June 25th and 26th led to additional reckless driving convictions and one of driving without a license. The convictions led to several penalties starting with 60 days in jail and a year of probation.

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Additionally, Kitfield is permitted to drive only his own registered car with a valid license and insurance. He must also submit to a law enforcement-installed tracking device. Perhaps most importantly, he was required to acknowledge in writing that his actions posed extreme danger to human life.

This acknowledgment, known as a “Watson admonition,” carries significant legal weight. Consequently, Kitfield could face murder charges if he is involved in or causes an accident in the future resulting in serious injury or death.

“This type of careless and reckless behavior on California’s roadways will not be tolerated,” said CHP Golden Gate Division Chief Don Goodbrand. “The California Highway Patrol will use every resource available to us to identify and arrest drivers who choose to endanger the wellbeing of the motoring public. We are grateful for the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office’s commitment and dedication in the prosecution of this case, and their ongoing support as we both work to make the state’s roadways safe for everyone.”

Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton commented, “This is a case where the defendant was gambling with human lives. Had the consequences of his actions led to a deadly crash, it would have devastated the lives of the victim’s families. We are grateful to the CHP for their work in holding the defendant accountable and their enforcement efforts that help to protect everyone on the road.”

All of this is a poignant reminder that the wheels of justice can sometimes turn very slowly. Sure, folks might be making a name for themselves by engaging in similar behavior recently, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll get away with it for good. Sometimes, there’s a happy ending as is the case here. 

Image Credit: Scotty Kitfield

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