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Zagato Gets To Work On First-Ever AGTZ Twin Tail For FuoriConcorso Debut

Key Takeaways

  • Zagato will publicly reveal the new AGTZ Twin Tail sports car at FuoriConcorso this month.
  • Based on the Alpine A110 S, the Twin Tail produces around 300 horsepower.
  • Only 19 examples will be produced, and they’re priced around the $700,000 mark.

Zagato is getting ready to publicly debut the AGTZ Twin Tail, its gorgeous coachbuilt sports car based on the Alpine A110. While the Twin Tail was revealed earlier this year, the $700,000 creation will wow the crowds at FuoriConcorso, a prestigious automotive event on Lake Como’s shores.

The company says the AGTZ will make an appearance on May 25, with an online premiere taking place two days earlier. In preparation for the event, Zagato – and its partner, La Squadra – are currently building Chassis #00 for its appearance. The vehicle will be displayed next to the Alpine A220 race car that inspired it.

Power And Performance

Under the pretty body, you’ll find the running gear from the Alpine A110 S. While Zagato hasn’t shared any performance details, the car on which it is based accelerates from 0-62 mph in just 4.2 seconds. The 1.8-liter turbocharged engine produces 300 hp, but the vehicle is a featherweight. Again, Zagato hasn’t said whether the significant styling alterations have altered the performance abilities or weight.

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So, what are customers getting for their $700,000? For a start, they’re getting two cars for the price of one. Well, sort of. The Twin Tail has a rather unique configuration whereby the longtail-style rear end can be removed from the vehicle. This isn’t a gimmick; the longtail can be left in place for spirited drives in the countryside, track days, or high-performance driving.

Pricey, But Ultra-Exclusive

If you need something more compact, the tail can be removed. The result is a beautiful car that can be configured to your needs. Just 19 examples will be produced, ensuring exclusivity amongst owners. At the time of its reveal in February, Zagato told CarBuzz that most of the slots were already accounted for. There are eight paint colors and ten liveries to choose from, but the coachbuilder describes these as a starting point, noting that color and upholstery options for the Twin Tail are nearly limitless – as they should be for the price.


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And this one is estimated to receive a hammer price of up to $400,000.

The AGTZ is inspired by two little-known racers from the 1960s. Determined to rule the Le Mans roost, Alpine founder Jean Redele arrived at the 1968 running with the V8-powered A220. Unfortunately, the car suffered reliability issues and didn’t make the splash Redele had hoped for. He returned in 1969 with four improved vehicles, but none completed the race. Determined to succeed, Redele cut the longtail off, adding active aerodynamic parts. Sadly, this didn’t help, and the A220 was relegated to the history books.

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