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Did YouTuber Backtrack On Promise To Save Rare McLaren Senna That He Totaled?

  • An influencer crashed a one-of-one McLaren Senna and initially vowed to repair it at any cost.
  • Instead, it’s sitting at an insurance auction lot waiting for the day it goes under the hammer.
  • The on-site photos reveal parts worthy of salvage and several that are completely destroyed.

Edmond Barseghian is the YouTuber / influencer who stuffed this supercar into a Lexus dealership after doing a donut on Ventura Blvd in Los Angeles Initially, he claimed on Instagram that he would fix the car at any cost. He’s since made his account private and now we’ve discovered that the McLaren Senna sits at an insurance auction lot.

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“The crash happened on April 28th and quickly garnered attention. Initially, it was unclear who was driving the car, but by May 1st, Barseghian, also known by the nickname Mondi, admitted it was him online. “I guess we went viral yesterday for all the wrong reasons, that building must’ve really wanted a collab,” he said during a long post about the accident.

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On Monday, May 6th, a Reddit user spotted the car at the North Hollywood IAAI insurance auction lot. The auction website also lists the car there as “not ready for sale.” It also shows various angles of the damage that we haven’t seen in the past. Most notable perhaps is that the entire front clip appears gone. The frame rails are clearly visible but the hood, bumper, and fenders are nowhere to be found.

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The interior appears mostly intact but the airbags did deploy during the crash. Those can be expensive to repair when we’re talking about a normal car, much more a McLaren. The rear half of the Senna is mostly untouched though which leads to a glimmer of hope for this car down the road.

Photos taken from directly behind the car almost completely hide the extensive damage done. That could mean that key parts like the engine are still fully functional and unharmed. Certainly, exterior bodywork like the gigantic wing and rear bumper assembly are in good shape too. Barseghian had mentioned in his initial post about the crash that it had some upgraded parts on it too. That appears to be an accurate part of his statement as AP Racing brakes appear at each corner.

The real question is what happens now. Does Mondi buy it back and make good on his promise to restore it? Maybe another YouTuber, known for wild salvages like this, will take on the task—as Tavarish recently suggested he would try doing so. Of course, it could also end up getting parted out by whoever the high bidder turns out to be.

 Did YouTuber Backtrack On Promise To Save Rare McLaren Senna That He Totaled?

Photos IAAI

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