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Updated 2024 Tesla Model Y RWD Now Available To Order For Under $40,000

Those who got the previous standard RWD version would get the update, according to Musk.

Key Takeaways

  • Tesla releases new Model Y Long Range RWD at $44,990.
  • Base configuration offers up to 320 miles of EPA estimated range.
  • Elon Musk confirms updates for the standard RWD Model Y.

Tesla has rolled out an upgraded rear-wheel-drive version of its popular Model Y, and it’s now available to order via its configurator. The new Model Y Long Range RWD, which replaces the standard RWD, offers more range than before at around the same money as before.

Offering up to 320 miles of EPA estimated range, the Model Y Long Range RWD with 19-inch wheels is priced at $44,990 – the same price tag as the standard 260-mile Model Y RWD with 20-inch wheels, which got a price cut in the middle of April (after an increase at the start of the month). Factor in the $7,500 federal tax credit and $1,640 obligatory charges, and the effective price for a brand new base Model Y Long Range RWD is $39,130.

2024 Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD Configurator

Update Coming To Standard RWD

This is good news for those looking at the base Model Y, but a bit of a downer for those who just got the standard RWD with less range for the same money. That won’t be the case for too long as Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced via X that updates will be available for those who got the standard RWD, allowing them to unlock 40 to 60 miles (depending on the battery cells). The update puts the previous standard RWD on par with the new Long Range RWD for $1,500 to $2,000. However, Musk is still working through regulatory approvals to get this done.


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Tesla Model Y

Base Price


Top Speed

Acceleration (0-60mph)

Effective Price*

Long Range RWD (with 19-inch wheels)


320 miles

135 mph

6.5 seconds


Long Range RWD (with 20-inch wheels)


295 miles

135 mph

6.5 seconds


Long Range AWD (with 19-inch wheels)


310 miles

135 mph

4.8 seconds


Long Range AWD (with 20-inch wheels)


292 miles

135 mph

4.8 seconds


Performance AWD


279 miles

155 mph

3.5 seconds


*factoring in Federal Tax Credit and $1,640 obligatory charges

Long Range RWD vs AWD

Now that the Model Long Range RWD is here, we can now clearly see the difference between the RWD and AWD models. Both come equipped with the default 19-inch wheels, while opting for the dual-motor Model Y sacrifices only 10 miles on the combined EPA estimated range. Top speed is still rated at 135 mph, but the 0-60 mph sprint will improve from 6.5 to 4.8 seconds. Tesla would argue that all of these differences justify the extra $3,000 added to the price tag.

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