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This Ford Maverick Costs $85,000 Or More Than An F-150 Raptor!

This Maverick was modified with the help of Saleen, JBL Audio, Toyo Tires, and 3D Carbon


by Brad Anderson

May 1, 2024 at 21:24

 This Ford Maverick Costs $85,000 Or More Than An F-150 Raptor!

  • A Ford dealership partnered with various companies to create a heavily modified Maverick truck for the 2022 SEMA Show.
  • The one-of-a-kind Maverick features extensive bodywork revisions, a flashy paint job with pink accents, and a lifted suspension.
  • Despite having no powertrain upgrades, this SEMA Maverick is listed for a staggering $85,000, significantly more than a brand-new model.

If you have around $80,000 to spend on a Ford pickup truck, the F-150 Raptor starting at $78,330 is the obvious choice. However, if the F-150 Raptor feels a bit too ubiquitous for your liking, this customized 2022 Ford Maverick might be up your alley.

This special Maverick was built for SEMA in 2022 through a partnership between Leif Johnson Ford, Saleen Performance Parts, JBL Audio, Toyo Tires, and 3D Carbon. It is now looking for a new home with an $85,000 asking price, roughly $60,000 more than an entry-level 2024 Maverick. What do you get for your money?

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For starters, the truck features a thoroughly revised bodywork with a new front air dam and splitter, extended rocker panels, custom grilles, a spoiler on the bed, and flared fenders. It’s also sitting on 22-inch TSW Daytona wheels finished in white and wrapped in Toyo Proxes STIII tires. The truck also features an adjustable airbag suspension.

Adorning the bodywork is a bright shade of Ford Calypso Green that sits alongside white, pink, and black accents. In typical SEMA fashion, the truck has also been installed with a thumping audio system that includes 4 JBL marine-grade speakers which sit on a hydraulic stand in the bed and can be lifted. The bed also houses the air compression for the suspension.

 This Ford Maverick Costs $85,000 Or More Than An F-150 Raptor!
Leif Johnson Ford

No modifications were made to the Maverick’s 2.5-liter hybrid powertrain, but it does include a Cobb tuning access port and a custom Magnaflow exhaust.

The listing at the Leif Johnson Ford dealership in Austin, Texas, doesn’t mention what the dealership has done with the truck since its SEMA debut but it’s probably been on display in the showroom for most of that time.

The question is, will someone pay that kind of money for the bespoke, and rather flamboyant, Maverick, or go for a factory-fresh truck without any, possibly questionable, modifications?

Photos Leif Johnson Ford

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