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New Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Convertible Shows Its Face And Interior Early

Key Takeaways

  • The 2025 Corvette ZR1 Convertible is set to be the most powerful Corvette ever produced.
  • Our photographers have spied a heavily camouflaged test mule of the new ZR1.
  • With a new LT7 V8 engine and twin turbochargers, the ZR1 will surpass the C7 ZR1’s 755-hp rating.

Not long after General Motors teased it, the 2025 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Convertible was spotted by CarBuzz spy photographers. Chevy plans to reveal the car later this summer, but needs to test it prior to the reveal. The ZR1 has long been the pinnacle of Corvette performance, so this upcoming C8 model should push the numbers well into supercar territory. Considering the E-Ray already produces 655 horsepower and the Z06 makes 670 hp, it’s safe to assume the ZR1 will outmatch them both.

This test mule is still heavily camouflaged, but we can still learn more about the most high-performance Corvette ever produced. Our spy photographers even got some shots of the interior, giving an indication of whether the ZR1 will get any special cabin changes compared to other Vettes.


The ZR1 is expected to use a new LT7 V8 engine, an upgrade over the LT6 in the Z06. It will retain the LT6’s 5.5-liter displacement and dual overhead camshaft setup, but it will gain twin turbochargers to become the most powerful Corvette of all time. Output is expected to reach 800 to 850 hp, easily outmatching the 755-hp rating of the outgoing C7 ZR1. This is great news for traditional Corvette enthusiasts who didn’t want the ZR1 to go hybrid or electric. An all-electric Corvette is still in development, but will go by a different name.


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The twin-turbo setup should increase the ZR1’s curb weight by around 200 pounds over the Z06, but the increase in power should more than offset the weight gain. Additionally, we expect the ZR1 to offer some serious aerodynamic upgrade packages, providing heavy amounts of downforce.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear like the ZR1 gets any major changes inside. The steering wheel, screens, and center console buttons all look identical to other Corvette models. There might be some more aggressive seats, but they can not be seen in these photos. Chevy hasn’t confirmed if the ZR1 will arrive in coupe and convertible body styles, but the heavy camo over the rear window area leads us to believe the company is hiding a folding roof mechanism.

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