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BFGoodrich Just Replaced Its Most Iconic Off-Road Tire

The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 has a well-established reputation in the off-road community. Now, the long-awaited follow-up is here in the form of the KO3. Drawing on experience gained from its predecessor over 10 years, BFGoodrich promises improvements across the board for its next-generation all-terrain tire. And by early 2026, it will be offered in over 100 sizes to suit a variety of vehicles.

What exactly is different? The KO3 features a new tread pattern designed for improved wear, notably on gravel surfaces. BFGoodrich says the footprint with full-depth 3D locking sipes helps promote even wear over time. Traction in mud and snow is also improved over the KO2; the new tire earns a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake rating for severe snow use. The tire’s serrated shoulders and Mud-Phobic Bars are specifically referenced for enhanced traction.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO3 Tire

Durability is also better thanks in part to a new tire compound specifically designed for all-terrain use. BFGoodrich says the tire earned the Baja Champion badge due to its sidewall toughness. Backing it all up is a 50,000-mile warranty.

The new tire launches in May with 13 sizes ranging from a 305/70R16 to a 295/60R20. Another 17 sizes drop in August, and come October the KO3 will be available for 22-inch wheels. The rollout concludes in 2026, at which time over 100 sizes will be available for everything from pickup trucks and SUVs to custom-built racing rigs.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO3 Tire

“BFGoodrich Tires’ legendary toughness has been made tougher with the creation of the All-Terrain KO3 tire,” said Harold Phillips, global general manager for BFGoodrich. “We’ve done a lot of racing and research in the 10 years since we launched the KO2 tire, so a decade of data, feedback, technology, and experience went into the development of the KO3 tire. We are our own competition, and we knew it was time to take the all-terrain tire to another level. It will be exciting to see what consumers will do—at work and at play—with the KO3 tire.”

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