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Fisker Up For Sale And Four Automakers Are Apparently Interested

Key Takeaways

  • Fisker in talks with 4 automakers for potential buyout, but no solid offers yet.
  • Current share price is extremely low.
  • Poor administration and canceled orders could lead to Fisker’s downfall unless a savior steps in.

Troubled EV startup Fisker has had a terrible start to the year, but there may be a glimmer of hope: founder and CEO Henrik Fisker reportedly told employees last week that the automaker was in talks with four automakers who are interested in potentially initiating a buyout. As reported by Business Insider, an all-hands meeting on Thursday was the setting as the CEO updated staff on the company’s current position.

“We still have some time to get other offers on Fisker. We do have four car companies that have signed NDAs. However, they obviously need time to get to some diligence.”

-Henrik Fisker, Fisker Inc. CEO.

Fisker did not reveal the names of its potential saviors or how long it may take for them to make their decisions, but time is of the essence. A Fisker regulatory filing revealed that Fisker is running low on cash and “believes that its available liquidity will not be sufficient to meet its current obligations.”

2024 Fisker Ocean






282 hp


285 lb-ft

Top Speed

128 mph

Low Offers

Mr. Fisker revealed in the same meeting that an offer to buy the company had been made but that it was not “sufficient.” At present, the company has a market capitalization of just under $31 million, with stocks trading at around 5 cents a share at the time of writing. It’s unclear how much the company is hoping to raise, but any savior would be wary of overpaying for a company whose products are facing several reliability issues.


Fisker Pauses Production For Six Weeks, Raises $150 Million to Fend Off Bankruptcy

Among these issues are doors that may not open, roof spoilers that may become detached, sudden loss of power, braking issues, and more. Nissan was initially expected to swoop in to save Fisker, but that deal reportedly crumbled. While we love the design and ideas of the Fisker Ocean, nobody wants a car they can’t rely on – even at prices below $25,000.

2025 Fisker Pear

Deeper Issues

It’s one thing to rush a vehicle to market while there are still significant teething issues, but Fisker has made things worse for itself through what appears to be poor administration. A recent report revealed that Fisker delivered cars without payment, losing checks and misfiling receipts, ultimately having to humbly reach out to customers asking for payment confirmations. Fisker can’t rely on new customers, either, because more than 40,000 order reservations have reportedly been canceled. It’s difficult to predict how much longer the company will be around, but without a lifeline from a much bigger automaker being thrown soon, we doubt Fisker can survive much longer.


Over 40,000 Fisker Reservations Canceled

The hits keep coming as the EV startup struggles to survive.

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