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Aston Martin Throws Shade At V6 Supercars Because Customers Love V8 & V12 Engines

Key Takeaways

  • Aston Martin is sticking with V8 and V12 engines as they offer an emotional experience that V6s cannot offer.
  • While V6s offer strong performance, they don’t fit with the needs of Aston Martin customers.
  • Demand for Aston Martin V8 engines increased after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a world where electrification and engine downsizing are king, it came as a surprise when Aston Martin announced it was building a new V12 engine with 824 horsepower. The new Vantage also debuted earlier this year with a 656-hp V8 engine, which shows that the automaker has no interest in following trends. Speaking to Car Throttle, Aston Martin’s Head of Product and Marketing Strategy, Alex Long, explained why the Gaydon-based marque is sticking with large-capacity engines.

It’s all got to do with what supercar customers desire. They’re not just interested in numbers and statistics, but rather the emotional connection. “The methodology and V8s have a true emotional connection, as do V12s… in a way that perhaps V6 doesn’t yet,” said Long.

Rimac founder and CEO Mate Rimac shared similar thoughts recently, even suggesting that the Nevera replacement may be powered by something other than a battery because customers want more than just impressive numbers and performance. Not everyone agrees with this, though…

“It’s not just about going as fast as I can. I do want some emotion on the way, I want some real sound and rumble, and I want to know and think and say it’s a V8 or a V12 because V8s [and] V12s have generally been reserved for very special and interesting products whereas V6s very much aren’t in the premium segment.”

– Alex Long, Aston Martin Head of Product and Marketing Strategy.

Six-Cylinders Just Don’t Suit An Aston Martin

It’s worth noting that Ferrari, Maserati, and McLaren all introduced V6 engines in the last few years, but with the exception of Maserati, which has fewer resources, none of those introductions are range-toppers or limited editions. Regardless, Long refers to the V6 the automaker planned on using a few years ago. The Chinese-market DBX is available with a six-pot, but even the Valhalla ditched its twin-turbocharged V6 (in concept guise) for a V8 engine.

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While Ferrari and McLaren have embraced the V6, Aston Martin isn’t ready to lose a pair of cylinders. And it has nothing to do with performance. While small-capacity motors have proven themselves to be strong performers, customers aren’t interested if it comes at the loss of an emotional connection. One only needs to look at the poor sales of the electrified C63 four-cylinder. Therefore, Aston Martin chose to refine its existing configurations to the point that the V8 and V12 can still meet emissions regulations for the foreseeable future.

Increased Demand For V8s

Interestingly, Long claims that demand for V8s has increased after the COVID-19 pandemic. He notes this has to do with the unique usage patterns of an Aston Martin vehicle. “These cars don’t cut the mileages… it’s often not the only car in the household.” The Aston exec notes that many customers also own an electric car, but they still want “sound, noise, vibration, and so on from a supercar that’s a V8.” Post-pandemic, there have been several record auctions and sales for cars rich with sound, noise, and vibration, so why not make new ones?


Aston Martin Pledges To Keep Combustion Alive Well Beyond Everyone Else

According to chairman Lawrence Stroll, Aston customers demand “sounds and smells,” and he wants to deliver.

Of course, sticking with V8s and V12s comes from the technological advancements in engine development. Clever features and turbocharging have enabled these engines to meet emissions regulations, which are becoming increasingly strict. “At a time when we’re going electric in the industry, we are at a phenomenal point in the sophistication of the combustion engine… nearly 200 horsepower per liter [from] these fantastic engines.” We’re delighted to see a performance automaker remain committed to V8s and V12s, especially when electrification is de rigeur.

Source: Car Throttle

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