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This RC Car Has a Tiny V-8 Engine and a Working Transmission

It finally happened. The tiny 28cc nitro-fueled V-8 Toyan engine we’ve been watching for years finally has a chassis to call home. There isn’t a body yet, but that just means we can watch the engine in action as this radio-controlled car spins itself silly. 

The smoke you see in this recent JohnnyQ90 video isn’t from the tires. We don’t know if this was intentional, but the muffler has two exhaust pipes exiting behind the wheels. Blue-tinted clouds appear every time the throttle is squeezed, giving the illusion of roasting tires amid a rumbling V-8 rumble soundtrack. And yes, it rumbles. The pitch is a bit higher, sure, but it still sounds great.

This RC car even has an electric starter on the remote, useful considering it has stalling problems. The root of the issue is unknown, though commenters on the video have plenty of theories. It only happens under lateral loads, and being rear wheel drive it has absolutely no problem getting sideways. Some have suggested a fuel starvation problem that could be solved by pressurizing the fuel tank, a common practice on RC cars with single-cylinder nitro engines.

Others think it’s stalling because of the clutch. Yes, this little V-8 car also has a functioning clutch. Early in the video, it’s engaged too quickly and the car stalls as a result. If the engine speed drops too low in harder cornering, there may not be enough torque to power through, leading to a stall. Commenters speculate this could be the issue because it immediately restarts after shutting down. A fuel starvation problem could make restarts a bit tougher.

Whatever the case, this little V-8 monster looks like a thousand gallons of pure fun. We can’t wait to see a completed car with a body ripping around parking lots. With its front-engine, RWD layout, what kind of body should this V-8 chassis get? Drop your thoughts into the comments below.

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