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Tesla Fires Guy Who Slept In Car, Showered At Work, Embracing The Elon Musk Dream

Recently laid off Tesla Production Supervisor says he slept in his car in order to work more

 Tesla Fires Guy Who Slept In Car, Showered At Work, Embracing The Elon Musk Dream

  • Tesla laid off 10 percent of its workforce early last week.
  • One of the workers, Nico Murillo, lost his job despite claiming that he slept in his car to work harder for the company.
  • Murillo’s post is now going viral as commenters sympathize with his unfortunate situation.

Last week, news broke that Tesla had laid off over 14,000 employees, constituting a significant 10% reduction in its workforce. Now, one former Tesla employee’s story of dismissal on LinkedIn is capturing widespread online attention offering a glimpse into the human cost of such large-scale corporate decisions.

Nico Murillo started working at Tesla’s Fremont, California, plant in 2019, initially as a production associate, but quickly began climbing the corporate ladder, as detailed in his LinkedIn bio. In 2020, he was promoted to the position of Lead Production Associate, and in 2021, he became a Production Supervisor. However, last week, he was let go.

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Murillo’s story begins on Monday, April 15, at 4:30 a.m., as he opened his laptop to check emails. Strangely, he discovered that his account had been deactivated but assumed it was an IT bug and continued with his morning routine.

By 5:00 a.m., he was on his way to work, a 90-minute drive away. Murillo mentioned that during his commute, he usually checks his email while his vehicle is in Autopilot. However, on this day, he received a devastating message stating that his position had been eliminated.

Murillo texted his manager, and was told that “everyone got it, we’ll get more info later.” By 5:50 a.m., he was trying to enter the factory, but was turned away, and a security guard took his security badge. He returned to his car and sat in disbelief.

 Tesla Fires Guy Who Slept In Car, Showered At Work, Embracing The Elon Musk Dream

He Slept In His Car And Showered In The Factory

While all layoff stories are sad, Murillo’s story is garnering a lot of attention, which may have to do with his unwavering dedication to Tesla. After laying out the timeline of his day, the Production Supervisor provided the world with an example of his remarkable commitment to work.

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“At one point in 2023 I was even sacrificing sleeping in my car on work days just to avoid commuting to work,” wrote Murillo. “Showered at the factory and slept in the parking lot. Microwaved dinner in the break room.”

The post has received an outpouring of sympathy on LinkedIn, and another former Tesla employee shared a similar experience of giving it his all for the company, just to be let go, suggesting that Murillo’s story is anything but unique.

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