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Bentley Mulliner Coachbuilt Car Coming May 7

Key Takeaways

  • Bentley teases third Mulliner coachbuilt luxury vehicle.
  • Limited run of 17 will be among the last Bentleys to be powered by the “most potent iteration of the W12.”
  • Will debut on May 7, believed to be a roadster/convertible.

The magnificent Bentley W12, a powerhouse of an engine first introduced in 2003, will cease to exist this year. In typical Bentley fashion, the automaker will give it a spectacular send-off by introducing a new coachbuilt Bentley. Just 16 examples will be built, with the Crewe-based brand noting they will be “among the last ever Bentleys to be powered by the company’s iconic W12 engine.”

Set to be revealed on May 7, the latest coachbuilt car follows the stunning Bacalar and Batur, both offered to Bentley’s most exclusive customers. We expect the same thing with the upcoming model. Keeping its cards close to its chest, the marque hasn’t shared any details about the new car but has mentioned it will receive the most “potent iteration of the W12.”

What Could It Be?

That means the new Bentley will at least match the Batur in power and torque. As a reminder, the exclusive GT car produces 730 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. Given that this will serve as the swansong to the W12, we expect to see increased figures. Two teaser images give us an idea of what to expect. The Mulliner-built vehicle has a ducktail spoiler, which is somewhat out of character for a Bentley.


Bentley’s High-Performance Hybrid Setup Will Be More Powerful Than The W12

The supposed plug-in hybrid V8 setup will have more muscle than the outgoing 12-pot mill.

This suggests that the automaker is creating something sportier and more dynamic, although this is yet to be confirmed. The slim taillights have more in common with the Batur than other models, with a slim cluster enlivened by chrome trim. Vivid orange paintwork reminds us that, with Mulliner, customers can specify nearly any color, option, or accessory.

Unspecified Bentley model, front end
Bentley Motors/YouTube

A Batur Convertible, Perhaps?

Another image shows what could be a pair of flying buttresses. Again, this is out of character for Bentley, but the Baccalar also featured this motorsport-inspired design element, so there’s a chance the newcomer will too. This gives us reason to believe the third coachbuilt Bentley model will be a roadster or convertible GT car. Either way, there’s plenty to get excited about. Based on the teaser video, the front fascia has a lot in common with the Batur’s front fascia. Could this be a drop-top version of the coupe?

Just 18 examples of the Batur will be produced, and we’re guessing several high-end customers begged for a drop-top companion. If it is a Batur convertible, we would expect Bentley to make several changes to distinguish it from its hard-topped sibling. We don’t have much longer to wait, with the new model expected to debut on May 7. It’s a shame that the W12 has to die, but it looks like Bentley will give it the farewell it deserves.

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