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New York City Could Soon Face 20 MPH Speed Limits

New York State has passed new legislation that may soon allow New York City to lower its default speed limit to 20 mph.

Key Takeaways

  • New York State approved budget with Sammy’s Law included.
  • NYC will now have the power to reduce default speed limits from 25 mph to 20 mph.
  • Roadways with three or more lanes of traffic in the same direction will not be affected.

New York State has included new legislation in its final budget agreement that may give New York City the authority to reduce the default speed limit on most streets from 25 mph to 20 mph. Governor Kathy Hochul announced the change last week in a news conference after more than a decade of campaigning by a bereaved mother whose son was killed by a speeding van. The speed limit change must still be signed off on by the City Council and Mayor Eric Adams, but it is unlikely that they will oppose the introduction of what has become known as “Sammy’s Law.”

“We worked closely with our state partners and advocates at Families for Safe Streets to get more flexibility to set speed limits in thoughtful, targeted ways, and we are hopeful that this will help prevent senseless tragedies while honoring the life of Sammy Cohen Eckstein.”

– Liz Garcia, New York City Hall spokesperson.

What Is Sammy’s Law in NYC?

The new legislature is named after Sammy Cohen Eckstein, a 12-year-old boy from Brooklyn who was killed by a speeding driver in 2013. Gothamist reports that in the years since, his mother, Amy Cohen, has led campaigns to get the speed limit in New York reduced, convinced that the change is “literally the difference between life and death,” she said.


Guy Who Crashed Gemballa Mirage GT In NYC Cleared Of All Charges

We’re not sure how he got away with this.

With New York City being one of the busiest cities on the planet, it’ll be a relief for residents to know that the limit won’t be imposed everywhere without forethought. Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal noted that NYC would not be permitted to lower speed limits on streets with three or more lanes of traffic heading in one direction, which should ease concerns about potentially worsening congestion.

Blurred Speedometer

New York’s Fight Against Speed

Last year, we learned that NYC is considering speed limiters for repeat offenders and that more cameras would be fitted to buses to help crack down on bad driving, but more must be done. In recent weeks and months, a group of NYC-based drivers (whose names and videos we will not be drawing more attention to by name) have been terrorizing the streets of New York City with reckless driving that taunts police and endangers all road users, using rented cars and false plates to evade prosecution. Hopefully, the adoption of Sammy’s Law is a step towards giving law enforcement sharper teeth in its fight against inconsiderate and idiotic driving.


Feds Want To Install Speed-Limiting Devices On All New Cars And Trucks

The NTSB wants to mitigate speeding on all new vehicles after the deadly speeding accident last year.

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