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The New MG Electric Hypercar Hits 62 MPH in 1.9 Seconds

With the 2024 Auto China starting later this week, get ready for a wide variety of attention-grabbing concept cars. MG will be in Beijing to showcase the EXE181 concept, an electric hypercar with a single-seat moncoque. Sitting extremely to the ground, the striking EV looks like one of those Vision Gran Turismo cars.

The teardrop shape contributes to a remarkably low drag coefficient of only 0.181. Although that’s lower than the Volkswagen XL1’s 0.199 and other production vehicles, there have been even sleeker concepts throughout history. For example, the 2022 Mercedes Vision EQXX had a Cd of just 0.18. Going back further in time, the 2000 General Motors Precept had a drag coefficient of 0.16. In addition, the 1980 Aerodynamic Research Volkswagen had a Cd of 0.15. We mustn’t omit the 1954 Fiat Turbina with a remarkably low 0.14.

The new MG EXE181 is a modern-day equivalent of a namesake concept from 1959. The UFO-shaped car before it supposedly had an even lower Cd of 0.12. The “British” brand owned by China’s SAIC Motor says it’s not just one of the most aerodynamic cars out there, but also among the quickest. It needs only 1.9 seconds to reach 62 mph from a standstill.

The Lucid Air Sapphire recently did it in 1.77 seconds, albeit to 60 mph rather than 62 mph and with a one-foot rollout. Last year, the Rimac Nevera took 1.74 seconds to get the job done. Elon Musk promises the new Roadster can reach 60 mph in less than a second but we’re honestly finding that hard to believe.

As for top speed, MG doesn’t say, but it does mention the EXE181 “defies the land speed record.” The original concept from the late 1950s managed to reach 254.91 mph with American racing driver Phill Hill behind the wheel.

The extremely tight interior with a center-mounted seat and a racing harness is just as futuristic while reminding us of the single-seat Lamborghini Egoista. The new EXE181 has been envisioned with a yoke incorporating a large screen suggesting the car has four electric motors. Although MG is tight-lipped on other technical specifications, we can safely assume all-wheel drive and a combined output of well over 1,000 horsepower.

The chances of seeing a production version are likely slim to none since this looks more like a spectacular one-off affair to grab the headlines, which it has succeeded.

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