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Wrecked Suzuki SX4 Reborn As A Mad Max Ready Battle Car

The SUV got involved in a front end collision which prompted the owner to rebuilt it with a new style

 Wrecked Suzuki SX4 Reborn As A Mad Max Ready Battle Car

  • The Suzuki SX4 Battle Car is a DIY project based on a crashed vehicle.
  • The damaged front end has been replaced by welded sheet metal, giving it a post-apocalyptic look.
  • The car also gained an off-road bumper and all-terrain tires.

While crashed cars often provide a valuable source for parts, some people see a chance for something more creative. Take, for example, the pictured Suzuki SX4. After being involved in an accident, it was transformed into a one-of-a-kind “battle car.”

This SX4 suffered a front end collision, resulting in damage to its bumper, headlights, bonnet, and fenders, and triggering the airbags. Rather than disposing of it, the owner opted to transform it into a captivating project car, drawing inspiration from cyberpunk and Mad Max for the styling.

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The entire front end has been reconstructed using welded sheet metal, rendering the old crossover virtually unrecognizable from this angle. In addition to the flat surfacing and visible bolts, the car features an off-road bumper equipped with a winch and recovery points. An array of LEDs replaces traditional headlights, adding to its rugged aesthetic.

The extensive modifications make the vehicle look more like a home-built Rezvani rather than a Suzuki. However, the rest of the bodywork is carried over from the original SX4. To complete the off-roader stance, the owner chose a new set of 235/75R15 Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain rubber wrapped around aftermarket beadlock wheels.

Gunner Roberts / Facebook

The vehicle maintains its stock 2.0-liter powertrain and six-speed manual gearbox, delivering power to all four wheels. While the interior remains largely untouched, there is an aftermarket infotainment and sound system, complemented by military-style accents on the center console. However, a drawback is that the airbags are non-functional, as they have not been replaced since the accident.

According to the listing on Facebook Marketplace, the Suzuki SX4 Battle Car is located in the city of Pocatello in Idaho, and has an asking price of $6,500.

The first-generation SX4 made its debut in 2006, but this particular example is a late model year variant from 2011. It’s worth noting that Suzuki withdrew from the U.S. market in 2012, which explains why local buyers never had access to the newer generations of the crossover. Currently, Suzuki offers the third-generation SX4 in Europe as a slightly larger and more practical alternative to the Vitara.

 Wrecked Suzuki SX4 Reborn As A Mad Max Ready Battle Car

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