• This wild Cybertruck is owned by Houston rapper Trae tha Truth.
  • A set of 26-inch white wheels from Forgiato have also been installed.
  • 713 Motoring recently fitted another Cybertruck with 30-inch rims.

The Tesla Cybertruck has quickly become the latest must-have for wealthy enthusiasts looking to make a statement and a U.S. artist has just had his wrapped to match the Mercedes-Maybach GLS and S-Class that he also owns.

This Cybertruck has been overhauled by the crew from 713Motoring and is the first we’ve seen with a two-tone wrap, but hardly the last. The top half of the electric pickup is now adorned with a white wrap while the lower half of the Tesla is bathed in a deep shade of maroon.

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Split color schemes like this are quite common among luxury cars and while we never would have picked the Cybertruck to wear such a finish so well, it manages to pull it off.

713 Motoring has left the black plastic fender flares of the Cybertruck untouched. It then bolted on a set of 26-inch wheels from Forgiato finished in white with a tightly spoked design. The white center caps also feature red text reading ‘ABN.’ The owner of the car is Trae tha Truth, a rapper out of Houston, Texas, who also happens to be part of a rap duo known as ABN.

We have no idea how much the singer paid 713 Motoring to wrap the Cybertruck and fit the wheels but we can’t imagine it was cheap. The 26-inch wheels, while they look nice, probably hurt the ride quite a lot too but hey, that’s the price you pay for style, right? The rapper can also drive one of his Maybach models if he wants something more comfortable.

The crew at 713 Motoring have also recently completed work on a second Cybertruck. In that case, it’s been fitted with huge 30-inch Forgiato wheels. These shoes are finished in white and have an odd three-spoke design with red inner barrels.