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Don’t Hold Your Breath For Supercharger Access This Year

Key Takeaways

  • GM may still meet the original 2024 timeline for accessing Tesla Superchargers, but other brands appear to be facing delays.
  • Specific dates for expanded access remain uncertain, possibly due to Tesla leadership changes.
  • It is unclear whether the delay affects all automakers expected to access the network, but Supercharger expansions are planned.

A new report reveals that plans for allowing more automakers to access the Tesla Supercharger network of EV recharging stations may have been delayed. Last year, nearly every major manufacturer announced imminent access to this expansive network, but there have been several noteworthy events since then. Speaking to PCMag, a Polestar representative said, “The timeline has been adjusted to later this summer, but we don’t have further details to share at this time.” Tesla’s website still says that EVs from Volvo, Polestar, and General Motors will get access to the network in spring 2024 – albeit only through CCS to NACS adapters, as new cars will only be equipped with NACS ports at a later date. Interestingly, it appears that the delay may not affect all brands, as GM still appears to be on course for the original timeline.


Cutting The Timelines Fine

GM’s director of global strategic technology communications, Sanaz Marbley, said that NACS adapters (to allow cars with CCS ports to charge at NACS charging stations) would become “available to purchase through […] GM vehicle brand apps later this year” but stopped short of giving a detailed timeline because GM does not have “a specific date.” However, she told InsideEVs, “I think spring 2024 is accurate.”

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Officially, spring comes to an end on the 20th of June, so there’s not much time to stick to that deadline, and it’s worrying that a specific date has not been decided on. Meanwhile, Rivian was granted access earlier this year, and has already begun the rollout of NACS adapters to owners of the R1T and R1S. Although we have no comment from Tesla on why there may be delayed access to its Supercharger network, we can hazard a guess.


400 kW Charging Network Ready To Threaten Tesla Supercharger Dominance

And 60% higher charge rates than Tesla’s V3 Superchargers.

Restructured Supercharger Team

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently laid off two senior executives, one of which was Rebecca Tinucci, Senior Director of Charging Infrastructure. Although the controversial CEO has since rehired some of the laid-off Supercharger team and maintains that the charging network will expand significantly this year, it is possible that the loss of leadership in this department and the decision to focus on improving existing Supercharger locations could mean that allowing access to other automakers has become less of a priority. It’s also possible that these other automakers are having challenges with integrating into the network. Either way, we’ll have to give Tesla another three weeks or so to see if Supercharger access is on schedule.


Sources: PCMag, InsideEVs

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