• The G 63 replica is underpinned by the chassis of a Mitsubishi Pajero, but now features a body made entirely from wood.
  • The YouTuber even went to the trouble of making his own headlights and taillights for the SUV.
  • Viewed from afar, you could be excused for thinking this was a real G-Wagen.

The Mercedes-AMG G 63 is extraordinarily expensive and far beyond the budgets of most people. Enter a YouTuber with enough sawdust in his lungs and sheer talent in his hands to craft a convincing wooden replica of the German behemoth.

We’ve fawned over ND – Woodworking Art’s creations before (bless their perpetually car-choked children). Despite repetitive video titles promising a fleet of life-sized wooden chariots made for his sons and daughters, the man’s craftsmanship is undeniably impressive.

A few years ago, he was making small-scale models out of wood before he started to build larger, kid-sized replicas. Last year, he spent 100 days crafting a Tesla Cybertruck. This G 63 is his most ambitious and impressive creation to date.

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To build his own G-Class, he started out with an old Mitsubishi Pajero and completely stripped it down to the bare chassis. He then hand-assembled and welded a new steel frame for it with the same boxy shape and proportions as the Mercedes. The chassis and frame were painted black and the long process of mounting all of the hand-carved wooden body panels could begin.

We’re not sure what type of wood has been used, but it’s almost certainly much heavier than the G-Wagon’s original body panels. It’s not just the exterior of the 4×4 that’s now clad in wooden parts. The YouTuber has crafted an incredible wooden interior for the Mercedes too.

It includes door panels, a dashboard, and air vents, which all perfectly mimic those found in a regular G. There is even a larger center console made from wood and seats that he also assembled from wood and crafted intricate patterns for.

As the life-size replica of the Mercedes is based around a Mitsubishi, all of the electronics work, including the headlights, taillights, and turn signals that he built from scratch.