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Lamborghini Urus Wrecked In Florida Crash Involving A Mustang

The accident took place on the I-95 highway in Florida on Memorial Day, causing traffic disruptions

 Lamborghini Urus Wrecked In Florida Crash Involving A Mustang

  • A black Lamborghini Urus ended up heavily damaged following a collision on the I-95 highway.
  • A red Ford Mustang also appears to have been involved in the crash.
  • The accident took place on the morning of Memorial Day, causing traffic disruptions.

A Lamborghini Urus was totaled on a highway accident in Florida, after crashing on the guardrail. Reports from the scene suggest that a previous-generation Ford Mustang was also involved, although the exact circumstances remain unclear.

The crash unfolded on Memorial Day, this past Monday, May 27, on the I-95 highway in Broward County, Florida. As reported by NBC Miami, the high-performance SUV collided with the guardrail, which seemingly punctured through its bodywork, resulting in irreparable damage. The impact of the collision spun the Urus in the opposite direction, leaving it sprawled on the grass.

A red Mustang can be seen on the exit of the highway, with visible damage on the driver’s side. The door has dents, the airbag has been deployed, but the overall condition of the vehicle doesn’t look half as bad as the Lamborghini.

From the accident aftermath, one could speculate that the two vehicles possibly collided while entering the highway exit, ultimately leading to the Urus veering off-road. However, without further evidence, determining fault between the two drivers is challenging. Additionally, it remains unclear if other vehicles were involved in the incident.

As of now, there’s no available information regarding the number of occupants involved or whether any sustained life-threatening injuries. . Hopefully, everyone walked away with minor injuries and a frightening story to tell.

Athorities shut down the exit ramp to Griffin Road following the accident, causing traffic disruptions. A video shows a large number of police cars and fire trucks on the scene, next to the wreckage of the Lamborghini and the damaged Mustang.

 Lamborghini Urus Wrecked In Florida Crash Involving A Mustang

Screenshots by NBC 6 South Florida

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