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VW ID.4 EV Has A Problem With Screens That Suddenly Turn Off

The speedometer and rearview camera view could disappear without warning.

Key Takeaways

  • Volkswagen has recalled roughly 80,000 ID.4 electric vehicles due to the potential for screens to turn off without warning.
  • This could cause the speedometer or rearview camera display to suddenly disappear.
  • The fix involves a dealer-installed software update with owners to be notified by mail on July 12.

Volkswagen is recalling roughly 80,000 ID.4 EVs due to screens on certain models randomly turning off. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicated that the software bug could appear in a variety of ways. It could lead to a loss of the rearview camera display, but it could also cause the speedometer to disappear. This issue does not impact other VWs, like the ID.7 electric sedan.

2024 Volkswagen ID.4






201 hp (RWD Base) | 282 hp (RWD 82 kWh) | 335 hp (AWD)


229 lb-ft (RWD Base) | 402 lb-ft (RWD 82 kWh)

Top Speed

112 mph

Although a large number of vehicles are being recalled, the NHTSA safety recall report indicates that only about one percent of vehicles recalled actually have the defect. More recent ID.4 models aren’t included in the recall as they already have updated software.

VW ID4 Infotainment Screen

Disappearing Screens

The rearview camera display disappearing, especially in the middle of backing up, could increase the chance of a crash. The lack of a speedometer makes it impossible for drivers to know their speed, which also increases the potential for an accident.

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Thankfully, there’s an easy fix that requires a software update, which dealers will install. Owners will be notified via letters due to be mailed on July 12 if their ID.4 is a part of the recall.

VW ID4 Speedometer

A History Of Problems

The ID.4 has been having a rough go of things with the NHTSA opening an investigation into its doors popping open while driving, although no official recall has been issued on that problem so far. This follows an earlier issue with water leaking in through the doors that did result in a recall.


10 Biggest Recalls In Automotive History

When it comes to recalls, most are usually small. However, there have been several notable ones throughout automotive history.

There was also a recall for a 12-volt charging cable that could potentially catch fire early last year. Yet one more recall at the end of 2023 was issued over the sunshade, which also had the potential to catch fire.

Volkswagen ID.4

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