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Anime Reject? This Toyota IQ Thinks It’s Professor Z From Cars 2

A Zündapp microcar would certainly be a more fitting donor car for this build

 Anime Reject? This Toyota IQ Thinks It’s Professor Z From Cars 2

  • A Toyota IQ has been transformed into a Professor Z lookalike from Cars 2.
  • The build doesn’t have the unique proportions of the original Zündapp microcar that inspired the animated character.
  • The one-off Toyota is up grabs on eBay, hoping that movie car collectors will appreciate the effort.

While Lighting McQueen may be the ultimate star in the Cars franchise, fans of Pixar’s animated film series believe that other characters deserve attention as well. One such character is “Professor Z” from Cars 2, who inspired a real-life build in the UK, based on Toyota underpinnings.

Despite “Professor Z” originally being designed after the Zündapp microcar from the ’50s, the builders opted for an easier-to-source and much more modern Toyota IQ as the donor vehicle for this conversion. This is evident only from the greenhouse and proportions, as the entire bodywork has been redesigned, borrowing styling features from the character.

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Admittedly, the resulting vehicle is not easy on the eyes, despite the effort put into crafting bespoke body panels. The cutout wheel arches are particularly problematic, especially when paired with the flat tail. Up front, the round headlights protrude from the fenders, framing an aggressive mouth-style grille. Adding to the eccentricity, the windshield features special decals for the eyes, complete with the signature monocle of the “mad German scientist” positioned right in front of the driver.

The interior seems largely unchanged, albeit with slightly compromised visibility due to the add-ons. While the listing hints at a few character-inspired features inside the cabin, they’re not clearly visible in the photos. The overall condition of the trim and upholstery seems consistent with the 116,603 miles (187,654 km) on the odometer, with no major issues apparent.

russcaff_0 / eBay

Under the hood lies Toyota’s tiny 1.0-liter VVT-i three-cylinder engine producing 67 hp (50 kW / 68 PS) and 98 Nm (72 lb-ft) of torque. Note that the IQ was also available with the more potent 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine from the Auris, which also found its way in the short-lived Scion iQ twin, and the premium Aston Martin Cygnet.

On a side note, the Toyota iQ is often overlooked despite its excellent driving dynamics and spacious four-seater cabin, impressive for its compact 2,985 mm (117.5 inches) length. Debuting in 2008, this model was a direct rival to the smart fortwo but ceased production in 2015 without a direct successor. Instead, Toyota’s slightly larger and more popular Aygo took over its role.

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Returning to the distinctive movie-inspired vehicle, it’s currently valued between £8,500-10,500 ($10,824-13,372), although the highest bid at the time of writing stands at £6,000 ($7,641). As per the eBay listing, the “extensive customization work” justifies the significant premium over standard Toyota iQ models from the same era, which typically sell for around £2,000-4,000 ($2,547-5,094).

Besides the Toyota-based “Professor Z”, the photos on eBay show a more convincing replica of the “Jackson Storm” character from Cars 3 that is based on an unknown two-seater model.

 Anime Reject? This Toyota IQ Thinks It’s Professor Z From Cars 2

russcaff_0 / eBay

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