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You Won’t Believe How Much Dodge Demon 170 Carbon Fiber Wheels Are Selling For

Key Takeaways

  • Carbon fiber wheels, originally offered as an $11,495 option on the Challenger Demon 170, now retail for nearly $14,000 apiece.
  • A set of four would cost more than many compact luxury SUVs.
  • The carbon fiber wheels shed weight, improve performance, and improve handling – but are they worth it at these prices?

When Dodge unveiled the Challenger Demon 170 last year, customers could specify weight-saving carbon fiber wheels for an eye-watering $11,495. While that’s pricey, it’s nowhere near as expensive as it has become, with one wheel now selling for nearly $14,000. Strangely, the online listing describes them as aluminum wheels.

First spotted by Carscoops, the lightweight alloys are selling for a scandalous $13,920 apiece. That’s not for a set of four wheels, but just one wheel. That means a set of four would set you back $55,680 – about the same as a brand-new BMW X4 xDrive30i. Keep in mind that it doesn’t include taxes and shipping, so buyers are on the hook for much more. To add insult to injury, Dodge doesn’t include wheel caps…

Why Are These Wheels So Expensive?

That’s an astonishing amount of cash. Bizarrely, it’s more than half the original MSRP of the Demon, which went on sale last year at $96,666 before options. So why are these wheels so expensive, and are customers willing to pay for them? CarBuzz has reached out to Dodge to find out more about the wheels and will update the article once we receive a reply.

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A quick search using the parts numbers (6861697AA rear, 68641698AB front) unearths a flurry of activity within the Dodge community and on forums. These wheels are hot property, with 170 owners desperately trying to get their hands on the carbon fiber items. Forum discussions, which stretch as far back as December 2023, show several Demon 170 customers expressing disappointment over the pricing. Some of them claim that Dodge is milking its customers, while others were disappointed that they were waitlisted for specifying wheels that are now available to purchase online.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 carbon fiber wheels

Pricey, But Are They Worth It?

These wheels are undoubtedly impressive. Designed by Lacks Enterprises, Dodge claims they shed 11.98 lbs from the vehicle compared to the standard wheels, while the front wheels reduce weight by 20.12 lbs. They’re not entirely made of carbon fiber, with a forged aluminum center and titanium alloy hardware. Thanks to a reduction in unsprung mass, the automaker says these desirable wheels improved handling, braking, and acceleration. But is that worth the $55,680 they’re going for?


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We’re not sure about that, but owners of 170 Demons equipped with these wheels from the factory are effectively sitting on a gold mine. Examples with the optional carbon fiber five-spoke wheels already command a premium on the used market. After all, these very wheels contributed to the vehicle’s incredible performance, with a 1.66-second 0-60 mph time and an NHRA-certified quarter-mile time of 8.91 seconds.

Source: Carscoops

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