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Tesla Cybertruck Hits Crowd After Driver’s Idiotic Attempt At Reverse Donuts

Thankfully, it appears there were no serious injuries from the low-speed collision, but things could have been much worse

  • A Tesla Cybertruck was captured on video reversing into a group of spectators during a failed attempt to perform donuts.
  • Videos of the accident reveal that spectators emerged largely unscathed.
  • The driver of the truck is solely responsible for engaging in dangerous stunts within a confined area.

We’ve already seen plenty of videos with Cybertruck-related fails, but this latest debacle seems to be a result of sheer incompetence on the part of the driver. In a misguided attempt to impress onlookers with donuts, the Tesla driver carelessly reversed the Cybertruck into a gathering of spectators, striking them and sending them sprawling to the ground.

Videos of the accident swiftly made their way to the digital sphere, as bystanders shared their smartphone captures on YouTube and Instagram. Among the number of clips circulating online, the most revealing footage reveals the Cybertruck’s ill-fated attempt at reverse antics after a failed forward maneuver.

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As the electric vehicle endeavors to execute a graceful spin, it inadvertently collides with a cluster of onlookers, courtesy of its unwieldy tailgate.

Thankfully, the collision occurred at a low speed, and the Tesla came to a full stop before running over anyone. Most of the spectators acted fast and swiftly moved out of the way, with tires and cones providing some degree of protection. From the footage available, it seems there were no serious injuries, as even the individual who fell to the ground quickly regaining their footing.

Right after the accident, the driver can be seen driving away in the opposite direction, followed by the crowd. Additionally, two occupants are visible leaning out of the side windows of the moving Cybertruck, one of them holding what appears to be filming equipment. At present, it’s unclear whether anyone reported the incident to the police.

These types of gatherings, which are common in sideshows, can be quite dangerous for those involved, even more so when the driver doesn’t have a certain level of experience. Attempting donuts with a heavyweight full-size truck in such a confined space clearly demonstrates a lack of understanding of basic physics.

There is also the factor of limited visibility, with two occupants hanging out of the windows of the 223.7-inch (5,885 mm) long truck obstructing the driver’s view. In any case, we hope that whoever drives the Copper Tinted Clear-wrapped Tesla will be more careful next time.

GIF credit Delwin.Anthony.Vlogs

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