• The scale model took over 3,000 hours to develop and 300 hours to assemble
  • Amalgam plans to make just 30 examples of the track-focused supercar
  • The 1:8 scale model costs an eye-watering $21,385

Soon after McLaren unveiled a special Senna with a unique livery to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Ayrton Senna’s death, the masters from Amalgam released a 1:8 scale model of the same car.

The Senna created by Amalgam is identical to the life-size model and has the same eye-catching livery with yellow, green, and blue elements. The company spent more than 3,000 hours developing the model and each one takes 300 hours to assemble. Just 30 pieces will be produced, each priced at a mouth-watering $21,385. To put that figure into perspective, you could walk into a Toyota dealer and buy a 2024 Corolla for as little as $22,050.

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The livery used on the car features the Brazilian flag colors and has been designed to mimic the look of a moving flag. Additionally, one side of the car features a painted portrait of Senna while the other has a portrait of him wearing his helmet. Like the full-size model, the Amalgam scale model features black wheels and a green rear wing with yellow text reading ‘Senna.’

Amalgam based its latest creation on CAD data from McLaren and has used 3D printing. Each part is cast in prototyping resin before being painted and assembled. The attention to detail is so fine that like the real car, the model also includes an inscription on the door reading ‘I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence,’ a quote from Ayrton Senna.

 Amalgam’s 1:8 Scale McLaren Senna Costs As Much As A New Toyota Corolla

The model measures just over 59 cm (23 inches) long and each one is hand-made and assembled by a small team of craftsmen. The doors and engine cover can open. The first unit built was delivered to McLaren Automotive and displayed at this past weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix while number #30 has been reserved for the Senna family.