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Dealer Discounts ‘Used’ Toyota Land Cruisers $5k After Marking Them Up To $125,000

We’ve seen Land Cruiser markups before, but so far, these two take the cake

 Dealer Discounts ‘Used’ Toyota Land Cruisers $5k After Marking Them Up To $125,000

  • Exclusive Auto Wholesale is asking $119,997 for ‘used’ Toyota Land Cruisers.
  • That’s a cool $40,000 more than their MSRP when new.
  • It’s also more than other markup greedy dealers are asking for actually new units.

The new Toyota Land Cruiser is an incredibly capable vehicle. It appears well made, has a very interesting drivetrain, and sports classically rugged styling. When Toyota first announced pricing it was set to be tens of thousands cheaper than the previous generation, too. If Exclusive Auto Wholesale has anything to say about it that won’t be the case though. Oh, and it’s hoping customers will pay $40k over MSRP ($119,997) for a ‘used’ vehicle.

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This is far from the first time that we’ve seen markups in general or on the Land Cruiser itself. In those cases though, the vehicles in question were new. Even then, the dealers asked $107,169 or about $30,000 over sticker. Another one slapped $21,000 on top of MSRP.

Somehow, EAW in Pelham, Alabama, appears to believe that its two ‘used’ examples deserve an even higher premium.

“Here at EAW, our goal is to provide you with an expectational experience when buying a vehicle… From every single car deal, we aim to create lifelong relationships… We are just a group of guys passionate about buying and selling cars. We are blessed to do this for a living and have fun playing with some awesome toys while doing so,” the dealer says on its website.

Neither of these Land Cruisers appears to be wildly special either. One of them comes with 297 miles on the odometer, a Brown Sugar Metallic paint job, and a black interior. The other is a Smoky Blue LC with just 38 miles on the clock. They’re each First Edition units which carry a small premium but it’s one that Toyota already baked into the $79,619 and $79,720 MSRPs on these SUVs.

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Interestingly, these vehicles appear totally free from any of the silly junk fees that we often see. Perhaps EAW deserves some credit for that. At the same time, it probably loses some of that credit by marking them up in the first place and even more so for pretending to ‘discount’ them from an ‘original price’ of $124,997.

Toyota is going to make a bunch of these vehicles. If you want a good deal on one you better shop around and you might just avoid these ridiculous markups.

Image Credit: EAWCars

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