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Ford Offers Massive Discounts For 2023 F-150 Lightning Leases

For select cities in the USA, this could be the most lucrative time to buy Ford’s electric pickup even if it’s last year’s model

 Ford Offers Massive Discounts For 2023 F-150 Lightning Leases

  • Customers interested in leasing the 2023MY F-150 Lightning can now get it for up to $15,250 cheaper.
  • Most trims get a hefty discount of at least $4,250 if not more.
  • Notably, buyers won’t be able to get these deals in every city nationwide.

Automakers around the world are still trying to figure out the right sales mix and strategies for electric vehicles. Ford seems to have its own game-plan and just like it did with the Mustang Mach-E in the past, it’s offering massive discounts to move leftover F-150 Lightning trucks from the 2023MY.

Customers interested in leasing the all-electric pickup can get it for up to $15,250 off MSRP if they get the top trim from one of at least 10 different regions.

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That news comes as the automaker has admitted that its EV certification program for dealers was a misstep. Ford is drastically shifting its electrification plans and selling more Lightning pickups is a part of its game plan. To that end, it’s offering big discounts on several Lightning trims from the 2023MY with the biggest applying to the flagship Platinum.

According to CarsDirect, Platinum lessees can now receive $15,250 off the truck from Ford’s Red Carpet Lease (RCL) Customer Cash, a brand-issued rebate, which is an increase from the previous $7,500 discount. Other trims are eligible for different rebate amounts.

For instance, the Lariat previously had a $5,000 rebate. Now, the Standard range battery version offers a $9,750 discount, while switching to the Extended range battery reduces the discount to $9,250.

 Ford Offers Massive Discounts For 2023 F-150 Lightning Leases

Interestingly, the XLT is eligible for a $7,000 discount, but only if it’s the Extended range trim. Standard range versions receive a smaller $1,500 discount. However, to capitalize on these potential deals, one must lease the vehicle from a region where Ford is offering them initially. Currently, these regions include Cincinnati, Dallas, Los Angeles, Memphis, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.

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Finally, buyers in California can get these deals along with 0.9 percent financing on a 36-month lease. In case it wasn’t already clear, Ford wants to move these leftover trucks from the previous model year as quickly as it can. If the reaction is anywhere near what happened when the Mach-E saw cuts, the delivery rate for the F-150 Lightning is probably about to skyrocket.

 Ford Offers Massive Discounts For 2023 F-150 Lightning Leases

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